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Sophia tells us more about her fancy Ford. Image Credit: Aiza Castillo-Domingo/Wheels
Name: Sophia Ledingham
Job: Psychologist
From: New Zealand/UK
Wheels: 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition
In the UAE: Six years

Welcome to My Wheels, Sophia. That’s a nice-looking Mustang you’ve got there. Tell us about it…

I bought this 50th Anniversary Edition in April last year. I was raised on American television where Ford’s iconic car is heavily represented and I have always wanted a Mustang. You’ve got to love Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels, driving her 1976 Mustang Cobra II and Robert Urich in Spenser: For hire, with his 1966 Mustang and 1987 Mustang GT. You’ll find Mustangs in Bond films, too, typically driven by seductive female assassins!

Several years ago, I holidayed with a friend in Palm Springs, California, and we hired a Mustang. Palm Springs has a cool, retro vibe and the convertible Mustang matched the mood perfectly. I was about to buy a 2014 model with a V6 when the salesperson said that the first 2015 model had just arrived and insisted I see it. It was love at first sight.

How much fun is this car to drive?

This car drives like a dream. Dubai is full of dream cars; why not dream a little, too? After all, life’s too short not to have an exciting ride.

Couldn’t agree more. Where do you enjoy stretching its legs the most?

I’m frequently on the E11 highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Before buying the Mustang I would often use a driver for the journey, so I could work in the back seat — and the trip would always feel long and dull. Now I look forward to the drive, it’s exhilarating and the journey seems to finish all too soon.

Many people raised their eyebrows when Ford announced it would offer a blown four-pot for the Mustang. But, that Ecoboost motor isn’t bad, is it…

The 2.3-litre turbocharged motor delivers a super-smooth ride and it’s responsive for those occasions when pace is required. The direct fuel injected, DOHC 16-valve motor with an aluminium block and head makes 325bhp and 428Nm of torque. They’re numbers that approach V8 territory.

It’s no slouch. How proud do you feel to own this car?

Ford planned to limit production to 1,964 units — a nod to the original Mustang’s first model year — so having one is a wonderful feeling. The colour, Guard Metallic, honours the same green hue of the 1967 GT390 that Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt. It’s a special 50-year issue.

It’s certainly an eye-catching car. What sort of reaction does it get from people?

Friends and colleagues are invariably surprised. Many people seem to expect that I should be driving a sophisticated but sensible German saloon — or dare I say, a safe SUV. Drivers of Camaros or Challengers often like to get close to see who’s driving and when they see me they seem a bit shocked as they probably expect to see a bloke behind the wheel!

What do you like best about it and why?

The whole package. It’s a fine-looking Mustang that has melded retro touches with the latest technology. I like that it’s not a pretentious performance car. When it comes to the summer heat in Dubai, I’m grateful for the ventilated seats along with the remote ignition system; it’s a relief to get the engine running and the car cooled before setting out. It’s also fun to see or hear the car rev to life from a distance. But I guess the Pony Projector lights embedded in the wing mirrors amuse me the most. Too cool!

That old Capri your uncle had was pretty cool too…

It was, and so was he. When I was younger, he’d let me eat pizza and load up on fizzy drinks so it was a guilty pleasure to spend time with him and ride in his Ford.

When I turned 21, I bought my first car. It was a glacial white Subaru RX. The dealership salesmen would automatically direct me to the ‘little ladies’ cars’ so I bought that turbocharged coupé decked out with front and rear spoilers, and riding on a set of gold wheels, as an act of rebellion! Its full-time four-wheel drive gave it all-weather/all-road capabilities that most sports coupés couldn’t match. Back then I was spending a lot of time skiing in New Zealand, so I liked that it virtually inhaled those unpaved mountain roads. Driving it matched the excitement of downhill skiing, however, it was a thirsty machine; I spent more money on fuel for the car than food for the fridge!

But the most memorable drive I have had was when I lived in the UK and got to wheel a baby blue Jaguar E-Type through the streets of London, past Big Ben and all the sights. It was a hot summer’s day and the traffic was moving slowly but the car purred blissfully along. Being a 28-year-old blonde in a denim dress and driving the quintessentially British car sure did attract a lot of attention!

Finally, what is your dream car?

Conceptually, I would say the 1967 Mustang Fastback. However, I must admit to liking the reliability, technology, and comfort found in newer cars, so the latest Bentley Continental GT3-R would suit me just fine! It’s a stunning automobile with masculine proportions, a 572bhp V8 and it’s limited to just 300 units.

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