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Summer emergencies: National Ambulance outlines dos and don’ts

Stay safe against heat stroke, exhaustion, drowning and jelly fish stings

The National Ambulance campaign provides tips to stay safe against heat stroke and exhaustion, among other summer emergencies.
Image Credit: For illustrative purposes only. Supplied

Abu Dhabi: National Ambulance has launched a ‘Summer Safety’ campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of safety precautions during the summer season. It targets both employees and community members to ensure they are prepared to identify, prevent and deal with common summer-related emergencies. Continuing until the end of summer, the campaign comes as part of National Ambulance’s continuous efforts to ensure public safety.

The campaign, utilising National Ambulance’s social media platforms, will provide preventive tips and advise on first aid during common emergencies people may face during the summer season, such as heat stroke and exhaustion, drowning, jelly fish stings and other topics.

Community preparedness

Ahmed Al Hajeri, CEO of National Ambulance, stressed that the campaign comes as part of efforts to establish a culture of ambulance awareness and enhance public health among community members. “Through continuous collective efforts in raising community preparedness for emergencies and the education of safety and prevention measures, everyone becomes responsible and a partner in maintaining public health and safety in the country,” he said.

Key preventive measures and precautions in mind to enjoy a safe summer

• Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

• Avoid direct exposure to the sun or outdoor activities under high temperature. Exercise in the shade, indoors or when temperatures reach their coolest point.


• Wear sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and loose, light-colour clothes when outside.

• Be cautious and follow safety instructions around the pool and beach. Swim only in licensed and safe spots where attentive lifeguards are available and in safe weather conditions. Parents or caregivers must never leave children unattended or without a life jacket.

• Never leave an infant, child or a pet unattended in a car.

National Ambulance provides urgent pre-hospital care in the Northern Emirates, which can be requested through the dedicated 998 emergency ambulance number and the NA 998 mobile application. With an advanced fleet and qualified medics, National Ambulance serves the public on the frontline, providing high-quality, appropriate care for serious illnesses and injuries across the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah.