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Muscat Duty Free, well known for offering exciting grand prizes to its customers, has introduced a great new raffle this year called The Big Cash Ticket. Available to people travelling through Muscat International Airport as well as online at, the Big Cash Ticket has become hugely popular thanks to the life-changing cash prize of $100,000. Participants from around the world eagerly await to learn the lucky winner of each draw.

Last week, Mahesh, holder of ticket number 2774, was declared the winner of the Big Cash Ticket raffle draw number 66.

Mahesh has been living in Oman for the past 20 years, working as an electrician with the best companies in the sultanate. He got this great opportunity to be one of the lucky winners when travelling through Muscat International Airport. “When we entered the Muscat Duty Free zone, my wife saw one of the many bold advertisements for The Big Cash Ticket that are on display throughout the airport and insisted that we purchase at least one ticket to have a chance of winning,” he says. “In the beginning I couldn’t imagine that I would be one of the lucky winners as I bought only one ticket, but then everything changed and I had a hope that I might get the chance to be one of Muscat Duty Free winners.”

He has become the third winner of The Big Cash Ticket at Muscat Duty Free.

“When I got the call from the Muscat Duty Free team informing me that I was the winner of The Big Cash Raffle Draw 66, I was absolutely shocked and thought it was a dream,” he adds. “But then I realised that by having even just a small chance and a lot of hope, anyone can win this unbelievable prize!”

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With Muscat Duty Free, customers have the opportunity to win $100,000 by buying tickets while travelling through Muscat International Airport at Arrivals or Departures or online at, which offers a 10 per cent discount on two raffle tickets.

“We really wish everyone the best of luck to be a winner with Muscat Duty Free,” says Renat Rozpravka, CEO of Muscat Duty Free. “A great thank you to everyone who participated in this raffle draw and good luck to all participants in our next raffle draws.”

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