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In an era where automotive companies worldwide are facing challenges in building substantial connections with their user base, Chinese automaker Chery is gearing up to host the 2023 Chery International User Summit from October 15-20. This highly anticipated event is set to bring together a diverse array of international users, influential thought leaders, and prominent global media outlets in the city of Wuhu, China. Underpinning the overarching themes of environmental consciousness, cutting-edge technology, and the future of the industry, participants will embark on a collective journey to redefine the user experience.

Aligning with Chery's core values of environment, technology, family, and companionship, the conference promises to bring together many of the brand’s smart partners. Together, they will curate a dynamic ecological products exhibition that seamlessly integrates people, automotive, and everyday lifestyles. This gathering will foster open dialogues between Chery and its global user community, enabling the company to keenly listen to their feedback and collaboratively explore innovative lifestyles enriched by state-of-the-art technology.

Chery firmly believes that addressing user needs can accentuate the value of the user ecosystem. Consequently, the 2023 Chery International User Summit will place a significant emphasis on pioneering technology. Leveraging its portfolio of high-performance products, Chery aims to construct a robust user-environmental integration system, setting the stage for a groundbreaking paradigm shift within the automotive industry.

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In its ongoing commitment to staying attuned to user demands and remaining ahead of the curve, Chery has nurtured an international brand image characterised by warmth and responsibility. The company's unwavering dedication to delivering user value and perpetually striving for user satisfaction stand as a testament to its values.

Chery's unwavering commitment to sustainability takes on even greater significance as the UAE hosts COP28, underlining the brand's dedication to environmental stewardship in harmony with the nation's focus on sustainable development and green technology. Chery is fully aligned with the UAE's goal to enhance eco-friendly practices. Through launching innovative automotive technologies and environmentally conscious cars in the UAE market, Chery strives to play a role in supporting the UAE's sustainability agenda and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.