Emergency vehicles stand on the road outside of a burning building after a plane crashed into a building in Keene, New Hampshire. Image Credit: Reuters

Washington: A small plane crashed into an apartment building near an airport in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire, killing two people on board, local officials said.

The multifamily building in the city of Keene, 110 kilometers northwest of Boston, caught fire in the Friday night crash but no one on the ground was injured.

Keene Mayor George Hansel said Saturday that two people on board the plane died, but gave no further details, NBC reported.

"There were no injuries at the multifamily building. Unfortunately, those on the plane have perished," the city of Keene said in a Facebook post on Friday night.

"The FAA has been notified. Additional details will be shared as they become available."

Resident Scott Gauthier said he heard a loud noise and felt the building shake.

"The whole building shook and then my mother went out to check on what was going on and she started screaming, 'Get out of the house,'" he told NBC10 Boston.

"By the time I got out, the whole back barn was already in flames," he said.

"You could feel the flames of the building like you were standing next to a bonfire."

The Federal Aviation Administration told CNN the plane was a Beechcraft Sierra, a small, single-engine aircraft.