Video: The real life of a professional jockey

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Video: The real life of a professional jockey

Most people don’t realize how hard a jockey’s life is. 

Waking up before the sun rises to go to work at the stable, monitoring their weight round-the-clock and keeping themselves well-conditioned to withstanding the rigours of riding in races, sometimes as many as seven in the span of three hours.

And on top of all that there is always the constant danger of an accident every time they get on board a racehorse that can weigh as much as 1000 pounds.

These just some of the challenges that these little-big-men face every day of their exciting lives riding at different racecourses around the world.

Richard Mullen, the three-time UAE champion jockey, has ridden through success and failure, highs and lows in the characteristically up-and-down life of a jockey.

But he tells us why he would not give it up for anything….

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