The Yalla Ludo Offline Tournament in Baghdad Image Credit: Supplied

Yalla Ludo, the region's leading mobile board game app for Ludo and Domino enthusiasts, has joined forces with HUAWEI AppGallery. This dream team partnership levels up the gaming experience, bringing fun to millions around the world.

"Our collaboration with HUAWEI AppGallery stems from a shared passion for innovation and delivering high-quality gaming experiences,” says Ahmed Badr, Senior Product Manager at Yalla Group. “This integration has significantly expanded our reach, introducing Yalla Ludo to a vast new audience on Huawei devices and offering them effortless access to our beloved game."

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The partnership extends beyond user acquisition. Yalla Ludo has also benefited from the integration with HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS). "HMS has not only simplified our development process," he explains, "but also enhanced the game's performance, ensuring a more engaging and immersive experience for all our players."

Strategic marketing

Yalla Ludo acknowledges the support received from HUAWEI AppGallery's team of experts. "Working with the HUAWEI AppGallery team has been exceptional,” he says. "Their responsiveness, knowledge, and strategic marketing efforts have significantly boosted our game's exposure and user acquisition, playing a pivotal role in our success within the competitive mobile gaming landscape."

The Yalla Ludo and AppGallery Ludo Champion Offline Competition, held in Riyadh and recently in Baghdad, stands as a testament to the success of this partnership. "The event showcased not only the exceptional skills of our gaming community but also HUAWEI AppGallery's significant contribution to the evolution of mobile gaming. It was a resounding success, highlighting both gaming excellence and innovation."

Continued growth and user focus

Looking towards the future, Yalla Ludo’s primary objective is to expand its user base and enhance global accessibility. "By leveraging Huawei's extensive network and market presence, we aim to introduce Yalla Ludo to new audiences and solidify our position as a leading gaming platform,” Badr explains. “We are also committed to continuously improving the game through the utilisation of HMS' cutting-edge features and resources, ensuring an unparalleled user experience for all."

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