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Being a parent is an important job, and it comes with responsibilities. As parents, we really want the best for our kids, especially when they’re in school - even when they’re out of sight they are rarely out of mind. We want our children to learn math, embrace new languages, make friends and have fun at school.

Children are busy

It may sound a bit exhausting, and that’s because it is. With so much to digest and take part in inside and outside the classroom, it’s no surprise that kids spend a lot of energy during a school day. Which is why a healthy and nutritious diet is crucial to keep their engines going. Schoolchildren’s bodies are also growing as they develop their little personalities and minds. So, they need a diet that ensures their normal growth and bone development.

Milk is nature’s gift for schoolkids

Milk has many benefits, and it can be a natural and easy source of nutrition. It contains calcium and protein, which are necessary for children’s normal growth and bone development. And when you choose organic milk from Europe, you can also rest assured that it’s produced without the use of any preservatives and pesticides and with plenty of grazing space for the cows. Truly, a win-win situation. When you treat cows well and work in harmony with nature, you get milk that’s full of pure goodness for your family. From happy cows to happy kids.

Make room for organic milk in the lunchbox

That’s why millions of families around the world trust the European organic label for quality and goodness, and you can too. Organic milk from Europe is the caring choice that adds a little love to the lunchbox. By doing so, you make sure that your child is provided for in the best possible way – ready to handle another day full of fun and learning.

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