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It’s the start of another academic year – a time for new beginnings. As your children head back to school in new gear and accessories, wouldn’t it be nice to give their rooms a makeover too?

In all probability they have outgrown the sanctuaries you built for them when they were younger, and their tastes might have evolved over time.

Not for them the traditional beds and conventional furniture. They would want something contemporary and edgy, something that reflects their true selves - something that gives them the freedom to live the way they want.

Enter VOX Furniture, the online shop from interior design brand Mebel VOX Poland that offers a range of trendy and tasteful products for five- to 15-year-olds under its Young VOX line.

“Our furniture designs have evolved out of human insights gathered over several years of working with users, anthropologists and ethnographers to meet everyday needs and expressions of people and their spaces,” says Varsha Sharma, Managing Director of VOX Furniture UAE, which also have Baby VOX and Home VOX collections in its portfolio. “VOX Furniture therefore is contemporary, user-friendly, modular and unique with excellent European quality.”

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Not to mention popular, especially with kids. With collections such as 4 You, Nest, Stige, Young User, Concept, Spot and Evolve under Young VOX, neither you nor your kids would be short on ideas on how to design breath-taking rooms.

What’s special about VOX Furniture is the extent of personalisation the brand offers with a wide selection of designs, colours and collections to support it. Not only do these collections offer kids the opportunity to unleash their imagination and creativity but also build their own world adapted to their needs. They can tinker with various modular elements to create a space that’s uniquely theirs. Helping them in the process is its interior designing tool called VOXBOX.

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“VOXBOX is a revolution in the design space,” explains Sharma. “It is an extremely easy and important tool wherein a family can get together and design the kid’s rooms keeping the child’s requirement in mind. They can also decide on the colour scheme and decor together. We believe in Freedom begins at home and this philosophy comes alive with VOXBOX.”

Available on – you don’t even have to install the app - VOXBOX is very easy to use. Children as young as 10 can organise their rooms with this tool without any training.

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“It’s like a puzzle wherein you select the rooms, add windows, doors, flooring, wall colours and panels from the VOX range and then play around with the furniture blocks,” says Sharma.

Be it bunk beds, study desks that offer storage and cable management or bookcases – all favourites with kids and parents these days – VOXBOX helps you put them together. It’s extremely useful when you are dealing with modular configurations such as the popular bunk bed from the Nest collection that provides ample storage, a bookcase, study desk and a kid’s wardrobe, all in a single unit.

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It would only take you a few minutes to design a room and get a render. The visualisation of the furniture and decor is top-notch but still some customers would need to touch and see the products for themselves before buying. For them, VOX Furniture has a special service.

“Even though we are a 100 per cent online retail brand in the UAE, we understand that furniture purchase could be an emotional decision for consumers considering the purchase value is high,” explains Sharma. “We therefore provide an opportunity for customers to visit our experience centre in Dubai by taking a prior appointment to have a look at our selection of iconic products.

“Also it’s a very nice opportunity to grab a coffee with them, discuss their requirements and provide suggestions and recommendations to design their spaces with VOX furniture.”

When renovating kids’ rooms, while it’s important to take into account the various kind of activities they would indulge in their kingdom – from building Lego to playing musical instruments to hanging out with friends to sleepovers – utmost care should also be taken to ensure safety.

VOX products are designed keeping children’s well-being in mind, says Sharma.

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For parents, it also makes economic sense to go for VOX products. “They are modular, which means it can be used differently combining different pieces to suit different age groups without any need to buy a new unit,” adds Sharma. “This also means that the same product can be used in different ways for longer years.”

As the back-to-school season is usually the time parents and children decide to redecorate their rooms, VOX Furniture is offering a 25-70 per cent discount for the first time.

Now that the buying decision has been made easier, all that remains is for the products to be delivered home. If you are into DIY, this is another opportunity for the whole family to spend some quality time together. And it’s not hard as all its furniture is modular and comes flat-packed.

“Every unit comes with its own assembly instructions and safety guide,” says Sharma. “They are easy to assemble using home tools and it’s actually very interesting to come together as a family and bond over assembling the VOX products.”

And if you would rather not do it yourselves, VOX offers delivery and installation free of cost.

So what are you waiting for?

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