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Nathan HR, a leader in innovative HR solutions, is set to showcase its latest innovation, an artificial intelligence-powered HR support chatbot, at the HR Summit & Expo (HRSE) being held from October 23-27 in Dubai.

Designed to streamline HR processes and enhance the overall employee experience, the AI-powered HR support chatbot promises to revolutionise the HR industry. This cutting-edge solution uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time support to HR teams and employees.

Visitors to the 21st edition of HRSE – the region’s largest and longest-running event focused on the latest HR trends, challenges and opportunities – will get a chance to experience firsthand the future of HR support at Nathan HR’s booth A-40.

"We are excited to unveil our AI-powered HR support chatbot at the 2023 HR Summit," says Rohan Nathan, CEO of Nathan Group. "This innovation represents the future of HR support, empowering HR professionals and enhancing the overall employee experience. We look forward to demonstrating the potential of this technology to HR leaders and industry experts."

Nathan HR's AI support chatbot can assist with onboarding and offboarding processes, offer personalised guidance on HR policies and procedures, answer common HR-related queries and provide sufficient resources to employees seeking mental health and wellness assistance.

Other key features include:

• 24/7 availability: The chatbot is available day and night, ensuring that employees can access HR support at any time.

• Instant responses: Employees can receive quick and accurate responses to their HR queries, reducing response times and improving efficiency.

• Data security: Nathan HR's chatbot is built with robust security measures to protect sensitive HR data, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

• Mental health and wellness: All employees can easily request assistance with insurance coverage, employee assistance programmes, access to well-being apps, counselling, and more.

• Multiple data sources: Provide employees with relevant responses that are sourced from custom input such as company policy and region-specific labour law. An optional ChatGPT connection is also available, with appropriate topic restrictions that follow each company’s respective HR and data policies.

Nathan HR's team of experts will be available at the event to provide live demonstrations of the AI support chatbot and answer questions from attendees.

To learn more about Nathan HR's participation in the 2023 HR Summit and its innovative AI-powered HR support chatbot, visit or booth A-40 at the event.