Nine-year-old Sharjah girl pleads to be reunited with mum
Nine-year-old Sharjah girl pleads to be reunited with mum Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Torn away from her mum for two months, an Indian child in Sharjah has made a desperate appeal for help.

Nine-year-old Rashi has written an emotional letter describing her plight. A pencil sketch alongside depicts a happy family reunion with mom Poonam at the entrance of their Abu Shagara home.

Poonam was visiting India to see her ailing mother but got stranded because of COVID-19 flight suspensions.

A tweet showing the letter written by Rashi Image Credit: Supplied

“Please help me in uniting with my mother. I am missing her very much. I haven’t seen her since 59 days. We have been struggling a lot….” Rashi, a grade five student at Indian High School (HIS) Dubai said in the handwritten letter, which has now been shared on twitter by her dad, Haresh Karamchandani.

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Rashi with her handwritten letter Image Credit: Supplied

“I have been counting the days since mum left for India. I miss her a lot. The family drawing I made yesterday [Friday] shows us welcoming her back. I can’t wait for that moment,” said Rashi. Haresh, who works for an electrical company, told Gulf News his wife Poonam had gone to Mumbai on March 18 to see her ailing mother who passed away 10 days later. “Poonam was due to fly back in early April but got stuck in India because of the coronavirus pandemic situation,” said Haresh, who has since been looking after Rashi and 15-year-old son Krish.

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Haresh and Poonam with son Krish and daughter Rashi in their Sharjah home Image Credit: Supplied

“The children are finding it difficult to live without their mother. Rashi was quite distraught yesterday so she decided to put her thoughts and emotions in a letter along with a family drawing. She has sketched a happy reunion showing my children and I welcoming Poonam. I hope this comes true soon,” he said.