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After scores of entries and some tough decision-making by the judges, it was the honesty, passion and sparkle in the eyes of the two IKEA competition winners that swung in their favour.

Nisha Jain and Andrew Samson wrote in separately to Gulf News as part of a special campaign celebrating the Swedish retail giant’s incredible 30-year regional success story.

The delightful duo sent detailed descriptions about how IKEA had impacted their lives through the years – and why the bright yet functional furniture pieces still held such magical appeal.

Nisha explained the love affair with IKEA is now being shared by her children and that IKEA’s durability and budget-friendliness have allowed her to blend the brand into their daily hectic life.

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“The furniture as well as other household items are easy on the pocket, elegant in design and very durable while being lightweight. I have been using some of these items for over 10 years now and they show little sign of fatigue,” she says.

How does Nisha feel about being an anniversary winner? “It feels awesome. Being recognised by my favourite brand is huge and having the opportunity to be featured by them is stupendous.”

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The other lucky winner, Andrew Samson, eloquently explained how IKEA has allowed him to forge close friendships through his unique home design.

“With IKEA, I always find creative ways to stay connected and hang out with folks without the dire need to be out of my doorstep – and this constitutes more special memories along the way.”

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Andrew was over the moon to be named an IKEA 30th anniversary winner.

“Being judged and chosen by this global brand is absolutely elating – it’s the unthinkable,” he says.

“Not many fans of any brands get valued for their commitment as brand ambassadors in their own little ways. Such a distinction is surely a feather added in my cap!”

Although they share a common passion for IKEA products and solutions – and have both stuck with the brand over the years as they’ve grown their families and friendships in Dubai – you couldn’t get two more different winners. Which only highlights the broad appeal IKEA has for lovers of unique home design.

Therefore, it is only fitting they spent their prize-winning Dh1,000 vouchers in quite different ways too.

Nisha’s priority was a desk for her husband who is currently working from home, so they opted for a sleek and spacious Bekant workstation.

Andrew, on the other hand, had long been eyeing a gorgeous Hemnes day bed with clever storage compartments as a replacement for a decade-old sofa bed.

“I’m looking forward to buying it just now,” he told the film crew accompanying the winners on their spree – with the biggest grin in the place.