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Sometimes taking shortcuts can be helpful and fun. Like changing your route when there’s a traffic jam or having your digital best friend Alexa or Siri give you the weather forecast.

Shortcuts are great tips and tricks to help you get where you want to be faster and quicker. But when it comes to more important things in life, taking shortcuts is not always a good idea. Imagine the consequences of taking shortcuts in matters such as applying sunscreen, servicing your car or food.

When it comes to delicious-tasting, healthy and chemical-free food, you want to know your weekly grocery shop is only filled with wholesome foods that are packed with nutrients, fibre, minerals and vitamins that help support a healthy body, for you and your family.

FreshToHome is based on a #noshortcuts philosophy. It values freshness and quality across its range of products, from farm fresh meats and produce to fresh-from-the-sea fish and seafood. It has a clear commitment to supplying preservative- and chemical-free foods, supported by testing that is available for anyone to see on its website.

#Noshortcuts on food safety

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A key FreshToHome focus is safe and fresh food. It achieves this by taking #noshortcuts in its supply chain.

• FreshToHome buys directly from fishermen and farmers, ensuring foods are in correct storage conditions and temperature-controlled environments immediately, with no delays.

• Its staff are all trained in international and local UAE hygiene protocols like HACCP, which are implemented across its facilities.

• FreshToHome takes #noshortcuts with quality. It does additional, voluntary laboratory testing to ensure its food is safe, chemical-free and have no nasty ingredients.

Four tips to keep your food safe

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• Refrigerate, freeze or store your foods correctly as soon as you come home or receive your delivery. Do not leave your fresh food out in the kitchen or a hot environment.

• Check the best-before dates before consuming.

• Always reheat or cook foods as per provided instructions. This helps to kill naturally occurring microbes that could otherwise cause illness.

• Never mix raw and cooked foods, as this will lead to contamination.

Useful shortcuts

Although FreshToHome takes #noshortcuts with your food, for customers who need innovative ideas and solutions to navigate life and take the stress out of managing tedious chores, it has developed useful shortcuts.

Need some cut meat for biryani? Filleted fish? Diced chicken pieces for stir-fry? Peeled prawns for prawn skewers?

FreshToHome’s first shortcut is its easy-to-navigate app and website, filled with a wide range of meats that can be cut and prepared precisely how you need them, saving you time in the kitchen.

The second shortcut is the FreshToHome Ready-To-Cook range of meals. Its chefs and nutritionists spend time in quality-controlled facilities taking #noshortcuts in selecting top-quality ingredients and preparing delicious, healthy meal recipes.

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Select from its range of Arabian-, Asian-, Indian- and Mexican-inspired meal ranges or go back to basics with family favourites of burgers, cutlets and crumbed chicken. With these healthy shortcuts, you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Now that's a shortcut we can all live with!

How’s your well-being?

FreshToHome recognises that food is a critical part of health and wellbeing.

The World Health Organisation defines wellness as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease.

The first step to achieving a state of wellbeing is making specific choices towards living a healthy and fulfilling life. These can range from conscious decisions that impact your sleep, mental health, exercise, stress and, of course, fuelling your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods free from harmful ingredients, preservatives and chemicals. And while taking shortcuts by ordering takeaways, going to bed late or skimping on exercise may give you more time today, these shortcuts are known to reduce your chances of living a long and healthy life.

FreshToHome takes #noshortcuts in the foods it sell, providing you with healthy choices and options for every meal time. Visit FreshToHome to sample its range of products.