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Redington Value, the leading value-added distributor in the Middle East and Africa, leads the charge to support partners and customers to accelerate their digital transformation objectives.

Showcasing its unique strengths as a regional value-added distributor for the digital era, Redington Value is participating at the 42nd edition of Gitex Global under the theme of Accelerating Transformation – Addressing Technology Friction, Delivering Innovation.

Over the years, Redington Value has undergone a great evolution. From being an aggregator for innovative solutions and services, it became a catalyst for partners to empower customers' digital drives. The company doubled down on its mandate to help partners position themselves as the go-to advisors for customers’ transformation journeys.


In the past year, Redington Value has been solely focused on simplifying customers cloud and digital journeys. Today, along with simplifying, the company is focusing its efforts on accelerating transformation.

“On one hand, innovation is taking place faster than ever and on the other, channel partners must be agents of change to bring these innovations to customers quickly,” says Sayantan Dev, President of Redington Value. “Redington empowers partners to deliver these new solutions and services efficiently through new revenue streams, better capacity, and extensive resources. Here we played the role of a catalyst.

“When the pandemic crippled global economies, businesses were compelled to adopt digital transformation technologies overnight to ensure business continuity. This led to exceedingly complex IT environments where customers had to make critical decisions about their IT investments. Over the past two years, Redington along with our channel partners has stepped up to help simplify these decisions for customers.

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“Today, everyone understands that they must think and act digital to thrive in a digital-led world. And our role has evolved – it is no longer only about simplifying transformations, but the need of the hour is to advance digital agendas to help customers optimise market opportunities and achieve business outcomes swiftly.”

Here’re the excerpts from an in-depth interview with the President of Redington Value.

What does technology distribution mean and how is Redington an enabler?

Technology distribution, which is fast becoming aggregation and unification of solutions and ecosystems, entails delivering advanced solutions through the fastest go-to market channels to help organisations embrace innovation and deploy solutions to help them achieve business outcomes. Working through channel partners, we understand, help and assist businesses to digitally transform themselves by leveraging new-age technologies.

What does Redington have in store for clients and visitors at Gitex Global this year?

Redington has always been at the forefront of innovation and this year will be no different. We have a futuristic stand that is bigger and better in every way possible. Our vendors and partners have an opportunity to network with senior members of the team while also discovering all the unique show-stopping elements. From artificial intelligence, automation, cloud to security, Industry 4.0, Web 3 and more, we have exciting launches waiting to happen during Gitex.

Tell us a bit about your innovative services and solutions.

We recently launched our Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) brand - DigiGlass by Redington, which helps organisations address evolving cybersecurity issues that are rising in today's digital economy. With the tagline Digital Security Reassured, the new MSSP delivers bespoke solutions for different verticals and helps organisations respond to threats, rethink technological solutions and reframe practices for unified cybersecurity strategies.

Over the past year, we have seen a significant rise in the number of partners leveraging our intelligent cloud management platform, CloudQuarks. Now we have embarked on a journey to release an improved and enhanced version 2 of CloudQuarks.

Redington has also built its capabilities within SecureQuarks and DataQuarks, which cater to end-to-end cybersecurity and analytics demands in the market. IoTQuarks by Redington also features Industry 4.0, which is the company’s recent Smart Factory initiative in collaboration with PTC, a leader in industrial IoT, CAD, PLM and more.

Redington has unveiled several initiatives to help accelerate digital transformation. Can you tell us more?

With the overarching objective of helping businesses accelerate transformation and reduce technology friction, we have launched several unique initiatives this year.

A key initiative was The Pitch Room by Redington, powered by Microsoft, which helped channel partners capitalise on solutions from Azure-native Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Redington’s ISV ecosystem was also able to leverage the initiative to have meaningful conversations and connect with channel partners. By creating this close-knit ecosystem for collaborations, Redington is playing a vital role in enhancing customer experiences and driving digital transformation journeys. Building on the initiative’s resounding success in the UAE, the company now plans to extend The Pitch Room by Redington to different regions.

We also launched The Vertical by Redington, a series of events that showcases tailored industry-specific digital solutions. It aims to bring best-in-class technologies for accelerating and enhancing customers’ business for the digital age. We started off with Ed-Tech Summit, an exclusive closed-door event where industry veterans addressed key challenges in education with best-of-breed solutions powered by AWS.

We have also strengthened our vendor portfolio over the past year to help partners have access to world-class solutions and technologies to support their customers' digital transformation journeys. This includes brands such as SugarCRM for analytics; Zoom and XFusion in its Compute and Networking business; Dragos in its Cybersecurity unit, and VAST Data and Virtuozzo in its Cloud and Infrastructure division.

Redington has also expanded its partnership with AWS with a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) that reinforces its position as a leading cloud value-added distributor. The company has recently won exclusive distribution status for Microsoft HoloLens 2 in the Middle East. Redington Gulf has also strengthened its partnership with Cisco by integrating the vendor’s SaaS portfolio to its proprietary cloud commerce and cloud marketplace platform – CloudQuarks. Additionally, the company is powering and driving HPE’s Greenlake, enabling partners and customers to leverage the strengths of a hybrid cloud that has the highest levels of data security.

While we have accomplished many milestones, we believe we have only scratched the surface and there are greater opportunities to leverage. Our partners and customers can rely on us to continue offering disruptive solutions, increased revenue streams, better capacities, innovative technologies, and unique services – all designed to help them achieve their business outcomes seamlessly and effectively.

Reach out to senior executives at the Redington stand A1 in Hall 5 at Gitex Global to know more about how the distributor can empower your digital journeys.