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Residents of the UAE and neighbouring Gulf countries are rushing to inquire about the US golden visa given a short window of opportunity to take advantage of priority processing. The EB-5 program is the golden visa equivalent for investment immigration to the US, which allows foreign nationals to obtain Green Cards for themselves and their qualifying dependents with a redeemable investment of $800,000.

The US golden visa is an attractive path for families seeking access to America given that the process of obtaining a Green Card through this route is relatively quick and hassle-free. Additionally, a Green Card unlocks a plethora of benefits for families such as providing the ability to live, work, and travel within the United States, the ability to access abundant educational and professional opportunities, and the ability to retire in an economically and politically stable nation. As an added benefit, GCC residents can now benefit from priority processing of their EB-5 applications with the recent introduction of a new category of reserved EB-5 visas called visa set asides.

What is the US Golden Visa?

Created by the U.S. Congress in 1990, the EB-5 program incentivizes the injection of foreign capital in the U.S. economy in exchange for immigration benefits to foreign investors. With an investment of $800,000 in a government pre-approved real estate project in the U.S., foreign investors can obtain Green Cards for themselves and their qualifying family members including their spouse and children under the age of 21. The investment of $800,000 is eligible to be refunded after approximately five years from the initial date of investment.

Why is the US Golden Visa popular?

The popularity of the EB-5 program is attributable to various factors, a number of which are discussed below.

Easy and simple pathway to US residency and citizenship

In comparison to other Northern American and European immigration programs, the eligibility threshold for the EB-5 program for foreign nationals is not strict. The main requirement for the U.S. golden visa is that the source of funds used for the investment must be lawful. Additionally, the investment must create a minimum of ten full-time jobs for US persons. Investors need not worry about the job creation requirement if they work with a reputable and experienced regional center. Regional centers are economic units designated by the US government that pool EB-5 investors’ funds to finance the construction of projects in the US Working with a regional center allows investors to benefit from a passive investment and take advantage of indirect job creation.

The process of obtaining the US golden visa can be simple and hassle-free for GCC residents that work with an experienced EB-5 advisor. “The EB-5 process is intricate and requires navigation by an experienced professional,” says Shai Zamanian, Founder and Legal Director of The American Legal Center, the preeminent voice on the US golden visa in the Middle East. “We have assisted hundreds of families out of the GCC region in filing their EB-5 applications.”

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Green Cards for all family members and education benefits

The EB-5 program is a great option for families with children under the age of 21, especially for families that aim to send their children to the US for education. With a single investment of $800,000, each member of the family receives their own Green Card.

Immediately live and work in the US while waiting for approval

Demand for the EB-5 program increased in March of last year with improvements to the program by virtue of passage of a new law called the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act (RIA).

One of the improvements to the EB-5 program is the introduction of concurrent filing, which allows families to live and work in the US while they await the adjudication of their EB-5 applications.

This is a great option for international students residing in the US on an F-1 student visa or those working on an H-1B visa. Concurrent filing allows investors to have lawful status and start their lives in the US before they receive their Green Cards.

Expedited processing for GCC residents

A second notable improvement is the introduction of a new category of reserved US Golden Visas called visa set asides, which allows for priority processing of applications leading to shorter wait times. “UAE and GCC residents really needed this new category. Processing times will speed up for new applicants and will breathe new air into the approved program,” says Shai Zamanian.

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