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For decades media and society have championed the supermum and her ability to go above and beyond expectations. However, this belief has put a lot of pressure on the modern mother to match up to unrealistic expectations and pressure from society to always be capable, adequate and, above all, perfect.

Truth is that motherhood is anything but perfect. Puck decided to break the stigma around the subject this Mother’s Day by launching a campaign that celebrates motherhood and all of its imperfections while debunking the existence of the mythical supermum.

The campaign encourages mothers from all walks of life to share their ordinary stories of motherhood, giving women across the region the opportunity to set their own recipes for success no matter how flawed or unconventional they may be to prove that every mother is unique and successful in her own way.

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Puck hopes that its support on the matter will give mothers a sense of comfort and recognition for their efforts and achievements while redefining motherhood for every mother out there who tirelessly juggles between family, career, hobbies, and so on.

All mothers are welcome to join the movement by using the hashtag #nosupermomshere on social media to share their stories with Puck and the world.