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A little over two years since its launch, Dream Island has continued to grow and nurture a community of passionate players across the UAE. Millions of users have joined the platform over the past two years, says a company spokesperson.

An advanced, secure online gaming platform, Dream Island rewards players with the chance to win real cash prizes by playing a selection of games. With each play charged at between Dh10 and Dh50, participants have the chance to win prizes of different sizes – the largest being Dh10 million. The rules and prizes of different Dream Island games vary, as do the prize amounts.

Through a virtuous cycle of word of mouth, community feedback and continuous iteration and development of new games, both players and platform have benefited, explains the spokesperson. “When the audience grows, the platform grows and creates more and more for its users.”

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Drawing daily engagement

One of the factors driving Dream Island’s growth is the platform’s constant state of change. A carousel of exciting offers, limited-period prizes and an active social media presence have incentivized players to keep checking in to see what’s new.

“We have several promotions running on different aspects,” explains the spokesperson. “Some are exclusive for new users, such as the wheel of fortune. You can win a reward to start your Dream Island journey even before registering on the platform. We also run other attractive promotions that encourage our existing users to refer their friends and family, offering cash rewards for everyone they can get to sign up.”

Of course, it’s not just promotions but also the allure of daily prizes that keeps players coming back to Dream Island. “We have winners on a daily basis who win different amounts on different games,” says the spokesperson. “Interestingly, we had a winner last week who won Dh10,000 for a second time, based on playing the same game.”

Every day, players logging in to play Hulm, Super Ocean or Color Prediction can win between Dh5,000 and Dh10,000 if they’re lucky.

What’s new?

So, what has 2022 brought to the island? The year kicked off with plenty of surprises and activities on the platform. “We’ve listened carefully to our users and what kinds of gameplay they’re interested in, trying our best to accommodate,” says the spokesperson.

There are several new games under various categories:

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Rolling Dice is a game of prediction and luck, where users need to guess the outcome of a pair of dice – 7, of course, is the lucky number to win Dh15,000.

Color Prediction is a high-frequency lottery game created for players who like instant results after picking their colours and numbers.

Derby Champion is a thrilling horseracing game. Users simply need to pick their favourite horse, watch the race and see if he wins. “The design of this game is incredible, which makes it even more enjoyable to play.”

Football is an intriguing category, with fixtures from international tournaments displayed and fans given the chance to make predictions on the outcome of the biggest matches. “Fans of football on Dream Island are automatically football fans, so they simply have to predict the results of each match and see the results afterwards.”

Fruit Bazaar is the latest game to drop on the platform. Players are asked to pick several items – if the draw reveals any of the chosen items, the cash prize will appear accordingly.

There are currently 23 games running under eight categories, with Hulm, Color Prediction and Football being the three most popular.

Socially rewarding

One of the intriguing things about Dream Island is its mission to be a socially rewarding platform. What does this mean, in practice? “Dream Island’s first and last goal is to help people,” explains the spokesperson. “As we are operating and creating new games, we have one essential target: making sure our platform remains fun and easy to use, offering cash prizes.

“As a team, our best moments are when we call the winners to ask what they will do with their cash prize. We so often hear answers like ‘saving for my children’, ‘making a surprise visit to my parents’ house in my home town’, and ‘helping my old parents to get medical treatment’.

“This is what Dream Island is about – a platform for each and every one.”

As the platform continues its growth story in the UAE, player confidence, passion and trust have grown to the extent that Dream Island is set to explore new shores. “We are exploring new channels to approach users and reach more people,” says the spokesperson. “Stay tuned for the big news.”

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