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The Platinumlist app, developed by the Middle East’s leading ticketing platform, Platinumlist Tickets, ranked fifth in Apple’s UAE App Store Top Charts, within a week of its official launch in the last week of December.

Available to download for free on App Store and Google Play, the 5-star rated app offers tickets to the biggest artist performances, concerts and festivals, shows, children’ events, business and sports events as well as attractions and experiences, making it the most extensive product offering in the region. More than 80 per cent of the entertainment events in the UAE are exclusively sold through Platinumlist, all of which are available on the app.

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“The app is all about ease of use and a huge range of products,” says Vassiliy Anatoly, Managing Director of Platinumlist Tickets. “We have packed the app with many offers and discounts for our customers to have that extra reason to experience the app.”

The idea was to provide a seamless experience for customers, explains Anatoly, enabling them to check out with the least amount of clicks and unnecessary data entry along with a big variety of payment options such as Apple Pay, PayPal and others. “We also tried to keep any annoying push notifications to a minimum and stick only to absolutely necessary messages.”

We have packed the app with many offers and discounts for our customers to have that extra reason to experience the app.

- Vassiliy Anatoly, Managing Director of Platinumlist Tickets

Offered in both English and Arabic, the app, which took about eight months to develop and spent around three months in beta testing, is currently available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the rest of GCC, Egypt, and the Philippines.

Exclusive benefits such as lower prices for select attractions, pre-sales access, promo codes, early bird tickets and more are available for app users.

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It’s not only the customers who stand to gain with the launch of the app but also the company, with the app offering many advantages over web-based solutions. “The main benefit is of course the ease of use and the second is accessibility to the device hardware such as NFC chips, which enables a lot of opportunities for further product development such as payments at events, ticket fraud protection and faster identification at entry,” adds Anatoly.

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