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Being a mother is the most satisfying job in the world. But it also changes you and makes you reconsider your daily routines and how you live your life. Such as what foods to look for in the supermarket, what to serve your child and what you put on your own plate. Because raising a child means educating a child, and many of the things we learn as we grow up become guiding principles later in life. And you might as well get off to a great start.

A healthy start to a healthy life

Forming a natural relationship with your own body and food and nutrition in general is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. And it starts early. But this is easier said than done, especially as more and more products fight for your attention in the food stores. Social media, friends and family are not short on suggestions either. But when it comes to milk, the choice is not that hard.

Why organic is the natural choice

Milk contains calcium and protein that are necessary for children’s normal growth and bone development. And organic milk from Europe is packed with natural goodness for your family. But what exactly is organic milk? Well, it is based on the belief that nature’s way is the best way. Therefore, organic farmers in Europe try to disturb nature as little as possible and use only organic feed and farming methods. The result? Milk produced without pesticides with care for nature. It’s pure goodness from their farms to your fridge.

Ever met a spoiled cow?

The cows do all the work themselves when they’re well cared for. So, organic farmers make sure to care for the cows in a way that extends to nature’s processes. The organic cows roam freely in fields and graze for six months a year. A lot of thought has been given to animal welfare when producing organic milk. When you see the European organic label, you can see it as a stamp of approval, confirming that the milk is of the highest quality and produced with care for cows and nature.

Natural care in a glass

Just as importantly, when you buy certified organic milk from Europe, you also get an opportunity to pass on the care and introduce your child to high-quality organic foods that are produced as naturally as possible. Now, this is truly the start of a great habit for your child and your family.

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