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In recognition of the International Day for Older Persons on October 1, Mediclinic Middle East announced the launch of its Healthy Ageing programme, the first of its kind in the UAE’s private healthcare sector. The initiative is part of Mediclinic’s goal to improve services for the over-50-patient population in the UAE where, according to The Lancet, dementia-related illness is projected to increase by 1700 per cent by 2050, and is designed to support the World Health Organisation’s healthy ageing agenda. The programme, which is currently preparing for international accreditation and will focus on providing clear and coordinated pathways for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of age-related illness, is initially being launched in Dubai, where dedicated services for adults of more advanced age from a specialised geriatric consultant are already available at Mediclinic City Hospital.

The first phase of the programme is the introduction of a new Healthy Ageing screening package, which is available to all clients aged 50+ on a self-pay basis, and focuses on the early diagnosis of age-related illnesses, in particular cognitive impairment conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The unique offering in this package is brain health screening using a tool called CognICA by Cognetivity, a digital health solution that integrates the latest research in brain sciences with artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a holistic brain health score in five minutes. This assessment helps identify individuals with cognitive impairment or who are at risk of neurodegenerative conditions. Early intervention is crucial when it comes to cognitive decline, general health and well-being, and by leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance early intervention methods, the rate of development of dementia can be slowed and overall health outcomes improved.

“At Mediclinic, we understand the importance of active, healthy ageing, as well as early detection of illnesses that may occur as we age,” said Dr Pietie Loubser, Chief Medical Officer at Mediclinic Middle East. “Our new evidence-based Healthy Ageing screening package specifically for the 50+ population will play a critical role in maintaining good physical, mental and cognitive health in our clients as they age, as well as enabling early diagnosis of health issues, which will allow our consultants to recommend treatment and lifestyle changes to avoid or slow progression of age-related diseases. By promoting active ageing, we aim to empower our patients to take control of their health and well-being including their brain health. Doing so can lead to better quality of life, improved mental agility, reduced risk of developing age-related disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular issues or any other chronic disease.”

Dr David Curran, Geriatric Consultant at Mediclinic City Hospital, said, “This is a groundbreaking initiative, and the integration of CognICA will empower family medicine doctors, geriatricians and neurologists to conduct cognitive screenings on individuals aged 50 and above. Being able to identify cognitive impairments early on aligns with Mediclinic's dedication to preventive care, promoting optimal patient well-being and quality of life.”

The Healthy Ageing screening package is available at Mediclinic City Hospital, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and Mediclinic Dubai Mall. For more information, visit or call 800 2033 to book an appointment.

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