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The hospital is now a non-Covid facility and will ensure that treatments and procedures are performed in a safe manner

What if you or a loved one has a health emergency in the midst of the pandemic? Now you don’t have to delay seeking treatment for fear of being infected as Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery (BHAS) is now certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as a non-Covid hospital and will attend to all patients with standard emergencies, or injuries and orthopaedic issues.

Being an advanced surgical speciality hospital, Burjeel Hospital has taken all mandated precautions and has put all safety measures in place to admit non-Covid patients whose cases are mostly orthopaedic and surgical in nature. Patients can walk into the hospital to avail advanced medical and surgical treatments through orthopaedic and non-orthopaedic specialities and are helped towards making a fast recovery. The hospital is also safe to handle any injuries related to children.

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Dr. Gavin Spence, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Image Credit: Supplied

“Children are actually at a very low risk of developing serious symptoms from Covid-19, but we understand parents’ dilemma; concern about coming to the hospital, but also concern about not coming, in case they miss an important condition that needs treatment,” says Dr. Gavin Spence, Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon. “We have taken steps to make the visit as fun and as low-risk as possible. We keep the toys but disinfect and “quarantine” them between our patients, encourage them to decorate a facemask to take home, and assess them in areas that have been thorough “deep cleaned” like the rest of the hospital. Therefore, it really is as safe as we can make it.”

Burjeel Hospital sticks to its legacy of serving patients without compromising on the quality. Moreover, to do so it has put in place stringent safety guidelines.

Dr Shajir
Dr Shajir Gaffar, CEO of VPS Healthcare — Dubai and Northern Emirates Image Credit: Supplied

“At Burjeel Hospital we have put in place all necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of patients from getting infected by COVID-19,” says Dr Shajir Gaffar, CEO of VPS Healthcare — Dubai and Northern Emirates. “The safety guidelines and protocol of the DHA are strictly followed. The hospital has started all elective and emergency procedures and the daily footfall of patients has increased significantly. We are fully ready to serve our patients, meeting their safety and comfort at its best.”

All patients, staff, and visitors of Burjeel Hospital are screened in the main entrance for any Covid-related signs and symptoms or known exposure to suspected/confirmed cases via non-touch thermal scanner and screening questionnaire.

Upon entry to the hospital, a designated staff will check if patients are wearing masks, and will be offered masks if they do not have any. Hand sanitisers and handwashing facilities are available everywhere for staff and patient access. Social distancing is implemented in all waiting areas, elevators, and clinical areas among staff and patients. All the hospital staff wear adequate PPEs during direct patient exposure, based on exposure type. All patients who will undergo surgery undergo Covid-19 screening, and need a negative report maximum 72 hours prior to surgery.

Cleaning and disinfection of all waiting areas, corridors, outpatient clinics, physiotherapy, in-patient rooms and operating theatre are done regularly. Elevators are limited to carry only two to six persons only (depending on lift cabin size) to maintain social distancing.

People at the valet parking facility wear gloves and mask, and disinfect all cars’ seats, steering wheel, gearstick and door handles with disinfectant wipes before parking and prior to returning to the owner.

All Burjeel Hospital employees and healthcare workers are encouraged to report any Covid-related symptoms, and are isolated from work and subjected to Covid screening should they have any symptoms.

Burjeel Hospital is doing everything it can to reduce the risk of you picking up the virus and keep you extremely safe while you are treated for your condition.

Burjeel Hospital Dubai has three operation theatres with quality services offered in paediatric orthopaedics, joint replacement surgery, spine surgery, hand surgery, sports medicine, neurology, general and laparoscopic surgery and interventional pain management for complicated chronic pain. Patients benefit from a team of highly specialised consultants, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognised for their expertise and experience.

Burjeel Hospital was founded in 2013 and more than 30,000 joint replacements were carried out until today, which is the largest yearly number all over the UAE. The team offers medical and surgical care of the highest standards using the most up to date procedures, which include the latest non-surgical and minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to speed up recovery, manage pain, and treat sports injuries and all orthopedic conditions.

Visit www.burjeelspecialty.com for more information; email info@burjeelspecialty.com, or call 80055