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Every person's health and wellness is multi-faceted, with each aspect requiring special treatments and approaches. Health and Wellbeing is a priority more now than ever, meaning healthcare providers are constantly being challenged to deliver more effective solutions with the aid of technology and enhanced management.

In the UAE, Valiant Clinic & Hospital, a multi-specialty boutique healthcare center situated within Dubai’s City Walk, has unveiled several new health assessment and consultation packages whilst collaborating with other innovative medical experts to provide advanced treatment to the patients for a variety of conditions.

Comprehensive check-up for children and teens

One’s journey into optimum health should start as early as possible to ensure ideal body condition later. Valiant has started offering a comprehensive check-up package for children and teens from ages 2 to 18. Patients can avail of special consultation with Valiant’s well-known Consultant Pediatrician, Dr. Ziad King.

Alongside the consultation, the package includes complete blood count (CBC), which assesses the patient’s blood condition, as well as urinalysis, which analyzes the urine. Also, part of the offering are other tests that determine their Vitamin D, Iron, Ferritin, Calcium, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST), Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), and Electrolyte levels.

Knee and shoulder health check

Patients of all ages can also check their knee and shoulder condition by consulting with Valiant’s specialists along with a series of screenings. For patients with knee injury or pain, Valiant provides knee X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services to monitor knee condition.

As for the shoulders, Valiant offers shoulder X-ray and MRI, along with an exclusive consultation with Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Harris Zourelidis.

Post-Covid wellness

Valiant Clinic & Hospital is ready to assist patients to a full recovery from COVID-19. The multi-specialty medical center offers a complete assessment package to guarantee individuals have fully recuperated from the effects of the virus by checking their bodily functions. As part of the package, COVID-19 survivors will have a consultation with specialists in Pulmonology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. Valiant will assess the patient’s lungs and heart through chest X-ray, spirometry, and electrocardiogram (ECG). Other tests include the standard CBC and Creatinine, along with C-reactive Protein and D-dimer to check for inflammation and possible blood clots. Valiant will also check the patient’s liver function through AST and ALT.

World-class eye care

Eye health is also another aspect of our well-being that we should maintain, especially with our inevitable exposure to radiation from multiple sources. To attend to this need, Valiant has also partnered with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to provide the highest excellence in ophthalmology services.

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With this partnership, Valiant will be able to bring Moorfields’ more than 200 years of eye care expertise to clients. The services include a full suite of diagnosis and treatment for eye conditions, along with a broad range of other services. Aside from offering ophthalmology sessions, Valiant will be able to provide optometry assessments for glasses and contact lenses.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Faisal Baddar, Director of Operations and Family Medicine Consultant at Valiant, said: “We are honored to collaborate with Moorfields in providing the best eye care services to our patients. Just like Valiant, Moorfields represent the highest standards of excellence in clinical care, placing the health of our patients at the foremost of their priority. Our patients will have exclusive access to our in-house ophthalmology services so that we can attend to their needs in the most ideal way possible.”

Valiant Clinic & Hospital accepts the following insurance - Bupa Oman Insurance, NAS, Mednet, Neuron, MetLife, NextCare, AXA, Almadallah, Saico Health, Daman, Aetna, MSH International and Inayah TPA.

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