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Mediclinic Welcare Hospital has been accredited as a Centre of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynaecology (COEMIG) for 2023.

The COEMIG programme, awarded by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), recognises medical facilities and surgeons who undertake minimally invasive gynaecological procedures and meet strict patient safety and care quality criteria.

Along with the Mediclinic Welcare Hospital's accreditation, Dr Alphy S. Puthiyidom received additional recognition as a Master Surgeon and Surgeon of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology.

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Dr Puthiyidom, Head of the OBSGYN department, explains what this accreditation means for the patients: “This accreditation enables patients to recognise hospitals like Mediclinic Welcare Hospital as having greater levels of gynaecological expertise and care. Within the facility, the designation ensures that staff understand the benefits of minimally invasive gynaecology as opposed to other open surgical methods.”

Healthcare organisations and individual surgeons seeking accreditation by SRC undergo an extensive and rigorous self-assessment and on-site inspection. This process includes physicians, nurses and administrators who are actively involved in the accredited programme. Many requirements must be met, which ensures multidisciplinary quality. For example, the surgeon's experience and number of surgeries conducted are vetted along with the equipment and instruments used by the practice.

COEMIG was created to increase safety, efficiency and patient awareness and access to minimally invasive surgical options for women. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital and its passionate doctors have had a goal to increase public awareness about minimally invasive gynaecology where patients have less scarring after the surgery, less post-operative pain and faster recovery than traditional open surgery. Hence, the motivation for undergoing this inspection was to not only improve clinical outcomes but also show they are dedicated to continuously improving healthcare quality and patient safety.

“One of the minimally invasive surgical options that has a positive effect on women’s health is used in the treatment of endometriosis,” Dr Puthiyidom adds. At Mediclinic Welcare Hospital we have a multidisciplinary Endometriosis and Women’s Health team, guiding the patients through their complicated journey with endometriosis. This condition affects the body as a whole, which is why we recommend that the patients seek assistance at the centre where multispecialty doctors are available, including a urologist and a general surgeon.

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