Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
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The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is in the world’s top 25 per cent of 1,500 NICUs in 42 countries based on data from the Vermont Oxford Network (VON).

This achievement speaks to a remarkably high standard and consistency in the hospital’s care of premature babies.

Statistics show that nearly 99 per cent of newborns admitted to Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s NICU are discharged home, healthy and well. Even among the most vulnerable, those born at 22-29 weeks old, a remarkable 92 per cent marched home successfully, significantly surpassing the global average of 80 per cent.

In addition, over the past five years, all of the most fragile babies born at 23-24 weeks gestation have survived and been discharged from Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s NICU, an exceptional achievement given that the global average amongst this age group is 50-60 per cent.

Three steps that drive exceptional results

In Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s NICU, all members of staff follow three standards of care. These include:

1. Embracing minimal handling and tender touch – Newborns, especially the premature, express discomfort with frequent handling and painful procedures. At Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s NICU, the staff handle the babies as infrequently as possible, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.

2. Proactive vigilance – The staff foresee the challenges and take action ahead of their arrival.

3. Nurturing with nature – The staff is committed to promoting breast milk as the babies’ main source of nutrition. From its NICU, premature babies born between 22-29 weeks, 60-100 per cent flourish with exclusive breast milk before going home, where as the global average is only 20 per cent.

Shorter length of stay

Premature babies born between 22-29 weeks gestation admitted to Mediclinic Parkview Hospital’s NICU typically stay between 50-60 days, 15-25 days less than the global average.

Low infection rates

Overall infection rates in the NICU at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital stand consistently below 1 per cent. Global averages are three times more than this.

“Every significant milestone reached by the NICU at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of care, expertise and hope,” says Dr Mudit Kumar, Head of the NICU at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital.

Image Credit: Supplied

“As the Head of this remarkable NICU, I am humbled by the dedication of our medical and nursing team and the courage of the tiny warriors who inspire us every day.”

David Jelley, Hospital Director at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, says, “The bonds our team form with our brave little patients go beyond the walls of our hospital. We’re extremely proud of these remarkable outcomes which would not have been possible without the passion and dedication of our Level 3 NICU team.”