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Mediclinic City Hospital recently operated for the first time on a two-year-old child for the resection of an intra-thoracic mass by thoracoscopy (minimally invasive approach) with excellent results. The patient was discharged in 24 hours. This rare surgery was made possible by meticulous planning and the skills of renowned expert in this field, Dr Ghassan Nakib, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital.

Dr Ghassan Nakib, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

Mediclinic Middle East has an established track record in paediatric robotic surgery and is a regional pioneer in this field. Up to now, eight paediatric robotic procedures have been performed, six of which were urological (pyeloplasties) and included two tumour resections, both rare procedures globally. All patients had excellent outcomes.

Lung malformations in children are well-known conditions and usually diagnosed prenatally, but their treatments are different and clear guidelines are not totally established. The indication in most cases, however, is that surgical correction is mandatory.

At Mediclinic City Hospital, as per international standards, the approach to these malformations should be undertaken by a multidisciplinary team including paediatric pulmonologist, who knows how to diagnose and investigate and refer for surgery if required; paediatric surgeon experienced in thoracic/ minimally invasive surgery; paediatric anaesthetist who is experienced in complicated surgery and proficient in the gas changes required during the surgery; paediatric intensive care expert who can manage the patient in the paediatric intensive care unit after the surgery; and paediatric radiologist with expert knowledge in the basis of these pathologies to prevent misdiagnosis.

The minimally invasive surgical approach has gained acceptance in the past few years as it improves the recovery of the patient, reduces pain and scarring, and results in fewer days spent in hospital. Robotic-assisted surgery in children was introduced 20 years ago and is gaining acceptance worldwide. Paediatric oncological robotic-assisted surgery is relatively recent and presents difficult challenges, for the indications and lack of case in the literature and clear guidelines.

The paediatric surgery department shares the Mediclinic City Hospital’s da Vinci Xi system, and all procedures are performed with cooperation between a paediatric surgeon and adult surgeon/urologist.