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Mediclinic City Hospital has become the first private hospital in the UAE to receive the prestigious Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative (PSFHI) certification, following five days of rigorous audits by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

PSFHI was initiated in 2011 by the WHO and is managed by MOHAP for the UAE. The initiative is aimed at enhancing the visibility and implementation of patient safety practices in healthcare facilities. It provides an excellent framework to guide hospitals in establishing a patient safety improvement process, which includes setting 140 safety standards over five main domains.

PSFHI offers several benefits to healthcare facilities and patients:

Enhanced patient safety: The primary goal of PSFHI is to improve patient safety. By implementing standardised safety practices, hospitals can reduce medical errors, infections, and other adverse events.

Standardised practices: The initiative provides a set of harmonised standards that hospitals adhere to. This consistency ensures that patient safety practices are uniformly applied across different healthcare settings.

Collaboration: PSFHI encourages collaboration among hospital managers, clinicians and patients. By involving all stakeholders, hospitals can create a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

Quality improvement: Implementing patient safety practices leads to better overall quality of care. Hospitals that participate in the initiative focus on evidence-based guidelines and best practices.

Recognition and accreditation: Hospitals that meet PSFHI standards receive recognition and accreditation. This enhances their reputation and demonstrates commitment to patient safety.

Reduced healthcare costs: Improved patient safety reduces the occurrence of adverse events, hospital-acquired infections, and readmissions. This, in turn, lowers healthcare costs.

“Mediclinic City Hospital is extremely proud to have achieved the PSFHI certification, which is independent corroboration of our commitment to patient safety and quality,” Dr Jacques Kobersy, Senior Corporate Medical Director, Mediclinic Middle East, said. “Mediclinic will always strive to meet the highest expectations of our patients and our community.”

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