The Saudi German Hospital in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

A complex, minimally invasive surgery was performed on a 40-year-old patient at Saudi German Hospital Dubai. Laparoscopic Total Colectomy was performed for acute severe ulcerative colitis refractory.

Traditionally, these patients require a long incision for the whole length of the abdomen. This operation has the risk of infections, morbidity and even threat to life due to the serious nature of the sickness and the strong immunosuppressive medication the patient receives to control the disease.

The patient was suffering from acute ulcerative colitis, and did not respond to any medication. He kept on passing lots of blood in his stool. Jointly managed by the gastroenterologist, Dr Agkop and surgeon, Dr Arindam Ghosh, it was decided by multidisciplinary forum that the patient should undergo surgery.

He was operated when he had lost a lot of blood due to the disease and had a very rare blood group for which more than 100 blood samples were rejected due to incompatibility. His other parameters were completely deranged too.

After the hospital blood bank arranged the transfusion, the operation was performed. It was a complete laparoscopic surgery where the whole of the diseased large intestine was removed by three small 5mm and 10mm holes in the abdomen. It was a completely bloodless and also sutureless. The operation was done by advanced devices available in the hospital.

The patient recovered remarkably and the disease was completely cured. The patient was discharged after a week of the operation. This feat could be achieved due to a top-class infrastructure in the Saudi German hospital and a very dedicated team effort led by highly skilled surgeons and gastroenterologist and staff committed to the minimally invasive surgery.

Dr Reem Osman, Group CEO of Saudi German Hospitals UAE, appreciated Dr Arindam Ghosh, Dr Agkop and the medical team in leading the mission and saving lives.

Dr Reem said, “Saudi German Hospital Dubai conducts minimal invasive surgeries by all medical departments, including Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Oby/Gyn, Urology, general surgery and cancer surgery, leading to better patient outcomes as they are less invasive, have fewer complications and facilitates quicker post-surgery recovery. Saudi German Hospital Dubai is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgeries and we are positioning ourselves as Centre for Minimal Invasive Surgeries.”