Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai offers several specialties and centers of excellence Video Credit: Supplied

Clemenceau Medical Center is a new state-of-the-art hospital in Dubai. Launched last month focusing on a gold standard of patient-centered healthcare, CMC has everything - from the cutting-edge technology to world-renowned medical professionals. CMC Dubai is part of Clemenceau Medicine Network of hospitals, which has hospitals in Beirut and Riyadh, adding a legacy of excellence to the region.

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Clemenceau Medical Center has diagnostic centers, operating theatres, critical care units along with inpatient and outpatient services.

Clemenceau Medical Center in Dubai consists of 100 beds and offers several specialties and centers of excellence including heart, digestive disease, liver, mother and child, hematology and oncology, neuroscience and spine, and orthopedic surgery.

The hospital also has diagnostic centers, operating theatres and critical care units in addition to inpatient and outpatient services offering the latest technologies and medical procedures. Along with medical care, patients at CMC enjoy first-class service, in a premium ambience with spacious furnished rooms, suites and comfortable waiting areas.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, Chairman & CEO of Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI), said: “CMC in Dubai is fully equipped with the most advanced medical technology and delivers excellent services with innovative treatments and technologies to patients in Dubai and the region. Our aim is to advance integrated and team-delivered care. Our team of physicians have extensive experience in every kind of illness, and they are keen on continually enhancing their medical education to bring innovation to the Center. CMC Dubai is one of the main hubs in Clemenceau Medicine Network.”

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Patients at CMC will enjoy first-class service in a premium ambience with spacious furnished rooms, suites and comfortable waiting areas. Image Credit: Supplied

You at the heart of healthcare

CMC Dubai is well positioned to consolidate Dubai’s spot as a healthcare hub and medical tourism destination in the Gulf.

CMC Dubai offers a seamless experience through a range of executive health packages to help business owners and entrepreneurs access individualized preventive medicine via an outstanding medical expertise and comprehensive diagnostic centers that include a fully automated lab, advanced imaging, endoscopic diagnosis - all designed with patient time and well-being in mind.

Executive health package leverages your visit time through a customized, comprehensive one-day itinerary of exams and tests tailored to the patient specific needs.

“We offer a comprehensive range of other services, this is the place where all members of a family, from the newborn to the elderly, can be treated for diseases in a holistic and safe environment. We take into consideration the most minute need of a patient and transform the hospital journey to a memorable healing experience one should be proud of,” said Dr Rola Hammoud, Chief Medical Executive, who follows up on medical practices in alignment with the robust quality improvement and infection control programs of the institution.

At CMC Dubai, patients can be treated for diseases in a holistic and safe environment. Image Credit: Supplied

She explains that CMC Dubai prides itself on adopting the highest standards and best practices in patient care, following a path that will ultimately lead to improved clinical outcomes.

CMC Dubai is a non-Covid-19 facility, where patients can avail any advanced medical and surgical treatments without any risks to their health and well-being.

CMC Dubai has special arrangements with a number of insurance companies which allow direct settlement of patient bills. For more information, visit