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American Hospital Dubai launched its Care Network at Arab Health 2023 to improve the region's healthcare delivery standards and patient care.

The American Hospital Care Network (AHCN) helps member healthcare providers to enhance their clinical, educational and research-led healthcare and organisational performance through expertise and skills sharing. Members will gain exclusive access to American Hospital Dubai's knowledge and best practices, breakthroughs and solutions in advanced healthcare, research data and skill sets. Additionally, they can benefit from American Hospital Dubai's training programmes, educational resources, partnerships with global healthcare leaders and its consultant pool of experts.

AHCN has five significant objectives for its members: enhance expertise, boost efficiencies, extend knowledge, sharpen competitive edge, and extend impact. Each purpose helps member healthcare providers improve their performance, goals and achievements by widening treatment horizons through interoperability and informed decision-making. It helps them build stronger patient-provider relationships.

American Hospital Dubai, a regional healthcare leader, has set benchmarks for over 25 years in medical excellence and has led with evidence-based, research-backed systems and processes. Its investment in AI and robotics, complex diseases, robotic surgery and centers of excellence in niche disease fields leads the way in advanced healthcare solutions. AHCN will enable member organisations, doctors and specialists to draw from this well of knowledge.

"We are pleased to announce the launch of the American Hospital Care Network,” said Sherif Beshara, CEO of American Hospital Dubai. “We have more than 25 years of healthcare excellence leadership and would like to harness it to benefit others. Our Care Network helps partners with extensive support and knowledge-sharing on all aspects of operations, clinical, non-clinical and research-based.

"American Hospital Dubai has always invested in collaborations to push the boundaries of healthcare. We are strong advocates of the collective strength to accelerate progress, and the American Hospital Care Network will enable even greater transformations."

Established in 1996, American Hospital Dubai is the flagship brand of the Mohammad and Obaid AlMulla Group and a regional healthcare leader, offering world-class medical services supported by cutting-edge technology and innovations. A Mayo Clinic Network Member with many firsts in international accreditations, American Hospital Dubai invests in AI, research and education to bring new healthcare solutions to the people. The hospital has consistently set standards in quality treatments, processes and patient-focused care benchmarks, and its research breakthroughs help improve medical efficiency and care outcomes.

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