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American Hospital Dubai's Scoliosis Centre expands its footprint of excellence in complex disease management in the region. Offering state-of-the-art diagnosis, screening, treatment and management, the Scoliosis Centre is another step in American Hospital Dubai's mission and vision to deliver outstanding services in complex diseases. As the region's complex diseases multi-specialism leader, American Hospital Dubai is renowned for its exceptional care and management of spinal conditions.

Scoliosis, a spectrum of spinal conditions that leads to mild to severe spinal curvatures, can occur in children, adolescents and adults due to genetics, neuromuscular causes, degenerative issues or spinal injuries. Scoliosis affects a significant percentage of the population and is highly treatable when diagnosed early. Also, many treatments are non-surgical, fetching good results.

Led by Dr Michael Antony, a Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon with more than 15 years of consultant experience in treating spinal conditions in children and adults, the highly specialised Scoliosis Centre is part of American Hospital Dubai's expansion of its complex disease services, providing patients with multidisciplinary assessment, care and evidence-based treatment.

The highly skilled team at American Hospital Dubai's Scoliosis Centre offers accurate diagnoses, advanced imaging and screening, computer navigation and robotics and multidisciplinary assessment and care, placing it at the region's leading edge in the field. The centre employs a range of interventional methods, including physiotherapy, bracing, and surgery, if required, to treat scoliosis and other complex spinal conditions in children and adults.

"We are committed to expanding our expertise in treating complex diseases, and the Scoliosis Centre is another step towards that mission,” says Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of American Hospital Dubai. “Complex disease management is integral to effective medical care, and American Hospital Dubai will continue to blaze the trail to ensure we find solutions to the most challenging health conditions."