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Data1 by the office of National Statistics estimates that one in 10 people infected with COVID-19 experience symptoms which last for three months or longer, meaning many people who had the virus are struggling to return to their day to day lives.

Commonly named as long-COVID, these prolonged symptoms often require expert care and treatment toaid recovery, supporting both physical and emotional health.

To help those who may be suffering with long-COVID, Cromwell Hospital in London is highlighting its specialised clinic at this year’s Arab Health Exhibition and Congress.

The long-COVID clinic is designed to treat the varied symptoms and is personalised to each individuals differing needs.

Led by a team of world-leading consultants with extensive clinical expertise and based in the heart of London, UK, the clinic features a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment through an array of experts.

These consultants include cardiologists, neurologists, specialist respiratory physiotherapists, as well as sleep experts and psychiatrists; to treat the varied symptoms of long-COVID.

What are the common symptoms of long-COVID?

• Breathlessness or shortness of breath

• Chest pain or tightness

• Fatigue

• Brain fog - problems with memory/concentration

• Joint or muscle pain

• Palpitations

• Anxiety and depression

One study, published in the Lancet of 62,354 COVID-19 patients in the USA2, found that 20 per cent developed a mental health problem — such as depression, insomnia or anxiety— within three months of diagnosis, and the clinic will support with this throughout a patient’s treatment plan.

Philip Luce, CEO at Cromwell Hospital said; “At our specialised clinic we provide the much-needed support and treatment when it comes to long-COVID. Patients are reporting varying symptoms which are preventing them from returning to work and continuing with their daily routines before they contracted the virus.”

Another research study carried out by King's College London also found that certain factors raised the risk of experiencing long-COVID, including being of older age, female, or having excess weight or asthma, which reflects what is seen the Cromwell Hospital long-COVID clinic.

Dr Brian O’Connor, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and the lead for the long-COVID clinic added; “As more research and data is analysed on the current pandemic, we see that long-COVID can be a complex evolving syndrome, often with wider implications. Through specialised focus on these symptoms, our clinic brings the right care that is tailored to personal need. ”

The list of renowned experts at Cromwell Hospital’s long-COVID clinic include:

• Dr Brian O'Connor, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

• Dr Peter George, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

• Dr Rajeev Dhar, Consultant Psychiatrist

• Dr Suveer Singh, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

• Dr Rakesh Sharma, Consultant Cardiologist

• Dr Vasileios Kouranos, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

• Professor Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist and Reader in Neurology

The clinic is open five days per week for either virtual or face-to-face consultations, including comprehensive blood tests, chest x-ray, lung function tests, ECG and echocardiogram.

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