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Attention men: there is a new razor in town, but not as you know it.

The team at pioneering male grooming brand Gillette – which has been the leading shaving products name for an incredible 115 years – has brought the world’s first Heated Razor to the UAE.

The brains behind the amazing new product is GilletteLabs – Gillette’s new premium division that seeks to create beautiful and tech-inspired devices that fuse beautiful form and reimagined function.

New form and function

Heat speeds up hair hydration but within current routines where blades are heated under hot water, they cool down after a few strokes.

The high-tech new Heated Razor delivers a sustained heat sensation via an innovative warming bar, providing the pleasure of a hot towel with every stroke that lasts throughout the entire shave.

And there is more serious tech behind it.

Adjustable temperature levels mean with a push of a button you can easily choose between two levels of heat to achieve optimal comfort based on what’s right for each user. This functionality earned the Heated Razor an Engadget People’s Choice Award when it was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in the US.

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The temperature of the GilletteLabs Heated Razor has been optimised using feedback from hundreds of men around the world for maximum comfort. The razor has two heat settings: 43 degrees Celsius designated with a yellow light and 50 degrees Celsius designated with an orange light.

With four intelligent heat sensors, the chosen temperature is maintained from the first stroke to the last. Built-in safety features ensure an even and safe level of heat. And the razor is also 100 per cent waterproof.

The Heated Razor features Gillette’s most advanced, thinnest and finest blades to provide incredible comfort, while Flexdisc Technology contours facial features to ensure contact with the warming bar on every stroke – no matter how users shave.

Meanwhile a wireless magnetic charging dock makes charging the razor as easy as putting it down.

For men who are constantly on the go, the rechargeable lithium ion battery – used in advanced electronics – lasts up to six shaves, depending on usage. The battery is designed to last five years at which point consumers need to purchase a new handle.

Sleek and futuristic in appearance, a premium-grade aluminium-zinc handle adds an air of sophistication to the razor’s overall aesthetic.

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Up for grabs at The Art of Shaving stores and online

For discerning men who want to take their personal care to the next level while enjoying a truly revolutionary shaving experience, the new Heated Razor is now available at The Art of Shaving stores.

Established in New York in 1996, The Art of Shaving has been a creator and purveyor of the finest shaving and grooming products, rooted in unique, multisensory experiences ever since.

In addition to the experiential barber services, the international pioneering brand in male grooming offers a line of natural shaving products including shave-care, beard-care, skincare, haircare, body care, face care and fragrances, all of which are infused with essential oils as their main ingredient.

The Art of Shaving opened its first store in the GCC region in Dubai and has recently opened its latest store in Riyadh, bringing the number of locations in the region to seven.

Get your hands on a shaving system that will change your grooming forever. Check out the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs at