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Routine check-ups are an excellent way of finding potential health issues before they become a problem. When you consult with your doctor regularly, they are able to detect health conditions or diseases early, giving you a head start in getting the right treatment quickly and avoiding any complications. By doing so, you are taking important steps towards living a longer, healthier and fulfilling life. And now, there is an accessible, convenient and easy way to achieve that dream.

Life Healthcare Group, which runs the Life Pharmacy and Clinic network in the UAE, has made sure the pricing of its health check-up packages is accessible to anyone and everyone.

A full-body health check-up at any of the Life Clinics in Dubai, available as the Life Gold Package, will only set you back Dh99 against the earlier Dh800. It covers all the main tests – 61 in this case, which check blood sugar levels, cholesterol, complete blood count as well as thyroid, liver, renal and iron deficiency profiles.

The Life Gold Package features several important tests such as random blood sugar and HbA1c that help you diagnose and keep your diabetes in check; lipid test that allows you to monitor and keep your cholesterol levels under control; an iron profile test that helps detect conditions like anaemia; and other tests that help check the overall health of your liver, kidney and other bodily functions that allow you to live your daily life worry-free.

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If thyroid is not a concern for you, you can easily bring the rates down to Dh49 by opting for the Life Silver Package, which covers everything in the Gold Package except the thyroid profile. With prices for the Silver Package reduced from Dh450, it’s an absolute steal.

What’s more, it’s as easy as ABC to book an appointment for the full body check-up through any of the 4 convenient ways. Visit the Life website or the Life mobile app, select the nearest Life Clinic, and reserve your slot. You can book any date within the next three months for the appointment. You can even walk into your nearest Life Pharmacy and make a booking for any of the clinics. Walk-in check-ups during working hours at any of the eight clinics are also welcome.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this incredible chance to avail of the best price for a full-body health check-up in the UAE.

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