Hasan Al Hosani (right), CEO of Bayanat, a G42 company, discusses the future of mobility and ethical considerations of autonomous vehicles with host May Ali in episode 2 Image Credit: Supplied

G42, the leading Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company, has launched G42onAIr, a video podcast series dedicated to transformative technology, our digital present and future, and all things AI and cloud computing. Hosted by May Ali, a public speaker, moderator and facilitator, each episode takes an industry deep dive through interviews with leaders, technologists and world-class experts working in the field of AI and digital transformation.

As societies continue to progress, more repetitive tasks will transition from humans to AI, and every 21st century citizen will be tasked to learn and adapt with the changing times. While these technologies can feel far away and often misunderstood, AI is already being deployed at scale in many industries, so learning how the technology will fuel our future is more important than ever.

In this series, listeners and viewers can get the scoop on technology trends, challenges and impact – straight from the people who make it all happen.

G42onAIr at Gitex Global

G42onAIr will also be recording live at Gitex Global in Dubai, where G42 will have an immersive double-decker stand in order to share with the world its ambition to realise Exponential Possibilities - Today using the power of AI as a force for good. In addition to on-stand presentations showcasing its product offering and capabilities, multiple episodes of G42onAIr will be recorded live from the second floor between October 10 and October 14.

Since G42onAIr’s launch in early September, three episodes have aired, providing insights from business leaders in G42’s network.

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Finding Humanity in Technology features G42's Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Faheem Ahamed, who talks about G42's origin story and how advances in technology can be leveraged to bring solutions forward for the betterment of industries and societies.

In the Future of Mobility and the Ethical Considerations of Autonomous Vehicles, Bayanat CEO, Hasan Al Hosani shares industry insights as the company explores technologies driving drone deliveries, automated buses, and cargo solutions.

The Future of Smart Cities sees Martin Yates, Corporate Chief Technology Officer of Injazat, discussing the promises and challenges of smart cities, AI that powers them, and how the technology will benefit society.

Raising awareness about AI

On the podcasts, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube, listeners can learn more about G42 and its businesses – understand what they do, how they do it, and the why. The goal of the series is to raise awareness about AI and digital transformation and promote adoption. It also aims to highlight both the positive and negative impacts of this technology in order to dispel myths and combat misinformation.

With something for everyone to broaden their world and reimagine what AI can do, the company’s hope is that G42onAIr provides insight to business leaders, policymakers, technologists and beyond.

Upcoming topics in the series include the journey towards AI-driven preventive healthcare, the significance of data sovereignty, how to develop the next generation of environmentally friendly data centres, how organisations can ensure data security in a remote working world, and much more.

You can stream the G42onAIr episodes here