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We are all looking for ways to save money while bagging great deals these days, which is why finding a fantastic cashback card can make an enormous difference to your finances.

The CBD Super Saver Credit Card from the Commercial Bank of Dubai ticks all the boxes right now for money-savvy residents thanks to its ease and speed of use, generous customer benefits, and great discounts every time you shop.

"We continue to witness a strong customer preference for cashback offerings, and the CBD Super Saver Credit Card stands out as one of the finest options in the market, delivering substantial annual savings,” says Khaled Al Hammadi, General Manager of the Personal Banking Group at Commercial Bank of Dubai. “With the rising costs of education, fuel, and groceries, household budgets are facing greater strain. Our Super Saver Card not only provides customers with cashback savings of Dh7,200 a year but also presents them with a range of exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits."

Here are five ways this card is in a league of its own.

Welcome bonus

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Enjoy free welcoming benefits? Of course you do. Sign up for a CBD Super Saver Credit Card and enjoy a welcome bonus of Dh1,000 - subject to spends of Dh10,000 using digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) within 45 days of card approval. What’s not to love about this welcome bonus?

Exceptional cashback

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If you are looking for a card with amazing benefits each time you shop, then stop looking. With the CBD Super Saver you can earn up to 10 per cent cashback on education fees, supermarket shopping, fuel and bill payments. Cashback is capped at Dh600 a month. That’s Dh7,200 a year. Substantial savings.

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Complimentary golf

Indulge in leisure and luxury with complimentary access to top-tier golf courses with the CBD Super Saver Card.

Cinema tickets at half price

Seen Barbie yet? What about Oppenheimer? With a CBD Super Saver you can take the family and enjoy discounts across a number of cinemas in the UAE. Get the popcorn and hotdogs ready.

Travel like a VIP

Travelling this winter? The CBD Super Saver Card offers you complimentary airport lounge access worldwide – perfect for starting a trip in style. And for blissful peace of mind, you will get multi-trip travel insurance for you and your family. Time to start browsing destinations.

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Easy application via the CBD Mobile App

As with everything to do with the CBD Super Saver Credit Card, applying for it is also super easy. Just download the CBD Mobile App and in a few clicks and your Emirates ID, your virtual card will be with you in minutes while your physical card will be on its way.

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