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Fakeeh University Hospital is a hospital and medical university brought to the UAE by pioneering Saudi healthcare provider group, Fakeeh Care. With a legacy of 43 years, Fakeeh Care is committed to delivering medical excellence and championing outstanding research in the UAE.

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Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Fakeeh University Hospital is a 350-bed, state-of-the-art facility set up to provide primary, secondary and tertiary care to an estimated 700,000 patients a year. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology and smart systems that are built to meet the unique needs of the hospital and UAE patients.

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The hospital uses innovative diagnostic technology and advanced data-assisted and automated medication dispensing systems, which combined with leading medical expertise, make patient diagnoses and care precise and efficient.

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Operating as a teaching hospital in Dubai, Fakeeh University Hospital provides world-class medical education to the future generations of doctors in the UAE, expanding the medical horizons of practising healthcare experts, while also bringing the latest research to its patients.

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The hospital is a benchmark for medical collaboration and international affiliations and combines medical education with evidence-based medicine in a modern environment.

All you need to know about Fakeeh University Hospital

• Largest healthcare investment in the UAE: $500 million (Dh1.8 billion)

• Facility size: 1 million square feet

• Hospital capacity: 350 beds

• Estimated annual care capacity: 700,000 patients a year

• The facility comprises a 4-storey structure with two basements

• Number of specialised clinics within the hospital: 55

• Number of operating rooms: 13 including one dedicated to emergency obstetrics care

• Intensive care units: 35 adult ICUs, 10 paediatric ICUs and 15 neonatal ICUs

• Largest emergency department in Dubai, spread across 35,000 square feet with 12 examination rooms, 18 short stay beds, 4 nursing stations, 4 resuscitation stations, and 4 triage rooms

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The hospital has dedicated clinics for women, men and children offering the latest in treatment, in addition to clinics for weight management and diabetes. Its orthopaedics department has specialists focusing on sports medicine, as well as foot and ankle surgeries. The hospital’s specialty departments include 20 dialysis stations, eight water birthing centres, a hyperbaric chamber, a sleep lab, a fully equipped rehabilitation department with gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool, patient-central monitoring, a fully automated laboratory, a full range diagnostics and imaging department, and an end-to-end fully automated pharmacy.

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The legacy of Fakeeh Care

With 43 years of delivering outstanding healthcare, Fakeeh Care is one of the leading healthcare service providers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The group has numerous facilities that provide primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services to communities with an integrated care delivery model.

Founded in 1978 by Dr Soliman Fakeeh, the group has established an outstanding reputation by developing an integrated model for patient care and championing medical excellence, research and innovation. The group has many firsts to it name including the first heart transplant in Saudi Arabia’s Western Region, the first renal transplant and the first successful IVF treatment in Saudi Arabia’s private sector.

The group’s entities include hospitals, ambulatory care centres, home healthcare, special care for children with special needs, a sports arena for rehabilitation, its own supply chain company and an IT solutions technology company. Fakeeh Care also provides world-class medical education in Saudi Arabia to develop and champion local professionals in healthcare.

The group’s long-term vision is to foster innovation in medical education and training and prepare graduates across multiple specialties to advance medical research and contribute to the well-being of their surrounding communities.

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