Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers a high flexibility in scheduling payment installments Video Credit: Supplied

Is there any intention to increase or decrease tuition fees for the next year?

At this stage, we do not expect to change the tuition fees for the next academic year since we do not expect to change anything in our programmes.

Is there a specific mechanism adopted to postpone the payment installments to students affected by Covid-19? Will any of the scholarships be allocated to those students? How much is allocated for those scholarships, if any?

There is a high flexibility in the way we schedule payment installments as our usual mechanism, and we still follow this usual mechanism as part of our policy.

Are scholarships restricted to UAE nationals only, or are they also available to expatriates?

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers a variety of scholarships and preferential rates.

In March 2018, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan directed to allocate a grant to Emirati students and children of Emirati mothers currently studying at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi to cover tuition fees in undergraduate programmes. The scholarship also includes citizens who will be enrolled in the university in the future. The scholarship will also cover the foundation year fees of the programme if required.

The university also bestows academic scholarship to all new students with excellent academic records and fitted with qualifications set by the university. New students joining the institution to pursue undergraduate studies will be qualified with 15% scholarship on their tuition fees for the 1st semester granting they have outstanding academic results in high school and have met the criteria assigned by the university. In the second semester, if they managed maintaining their outstanding academic results, scholars are eligible to a 25% up to 75% of academic excellence scholarship. The scholarship scheme is progressive, granted semester by semester, and depends on the academic performance of the students. Terms and conditions apply.

Moreover, the university also provides other scholarships such as French curriculum schools scholarship, postgraduate scholarships, sponsored scholarships, family discounts, preferential rates and corporate rates.

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Sorbonne University is working to support the students during the pandemic Image Credit: Getty

Will you provide any financial aid to support students affected by Covid-19?

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi provided financial aid for students that were experiencing the financial impact of the pandemic by setting an ad-hoc procedure of taking case-by-case evaluation of exceptional situations.

The Vice Chancellor of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Professor Silvia Serrano, emphasises how the university works to support the students during this pandemic, “As it is vital to recognise all the challenges that are arising along the crisis including financial instability, the institution provided financial aid to the students that are hugely affected by the emergence of Covid-19."