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Embarking on a journey marked by excellence and fuelled by the commitment to academic brilliance, Allen Overseas has announced yet another milestone in its quest to keep pushing the boundaries for academic excellence in the Middle East.

In a recent interview, three outstanding Allenites who are also Hamdan Awardees shared their transformative experiences with Allen Overseas, underscoring the institution's pivotal role in their academic journey.

Kashinadh Pranesh, a 10th grade student at GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah and a Hamdan Awardee, says, “My goal is to study Computer Science engineering at IIT Mumbai and I am confident of reaching my goal with Allen Overseas’s expert faculty and tailored curriculum.”

Ann Mary Joseph, also in the 10th grade at The Indian High School, Dubai, highlighted that “Allen has not only helped me excel at various competitive exams such as Olympiads, but also helped me build a study habit, which allows more time to pursue my other interests.” Ann was also part of a group of selected students who met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Abu Dhabi.

Another Hamdaan awardee, Abarnaa Sai Veeraraghavan, a 9th grade student at Delhi Private School, Sharjah, says, “The strong conceptual base given by Allen’s programme has helped me crack SOF, Silverzone and other Olympiads and also given me a foundation for the rigorous competition expected in Engineering and Medical examinations in a few years.”

In response to the growing request and to better cater to the needs of aspiring students, Allen Overseas has recently announced the launch of 2 new centres - in Al Nahda (Bin Shabib Mall) and in Mussafah (Shabia 12) and an extension at the Jumeirah Lake Towers centre to double the capacity. For admissions and more information,

“Allen Overseas’ expansion efforts are driven by the overwhelming interest of parents and students seeking excellence in education,” said Keshav Maheshwari, MD, Allen Overseas. “This initiative reiterates Allen’s commitment to making quality education accessible to every aspirant in the UAE, ensuring that students across the region have the opportunity to benefit from Allen's unique educational pedagogy and its state-of-the-art facilities equipped with latest technologies."

This comes on the heels of remarkable academic achievements by Allen Overseas students in various competitive arenas, including the JEE Main 2024 (Session 1) and various Olympiads. Allen Overseas acknowledges the exceptional performance of its students and has been instrumental in guiding Yatharth Shah to emerge as the Outside India Topper in the JEE Main 2024 (Session 1), alongside eight overseas students to achieve 99 percentile and above. These prodigious talents are now setting their sights on the JEE Advanced 2024, aiming for the prestigious IITs, while another cohort of 62 students with over 90 percentile are gearing up for the JEE Main Session 2.

Moreover, Pawan Jolly clinched the UAE Rank 1 and a Gold Medal in the International Olympiad Foundation - Science Olympiad Qualifier (Level 1). Similarly, peers Kashinadh Pranesh and Laksman Santhosh Kumba dominated the Maths Olympiad Qualifier, each securing UAE Rank 1 in their respective grades. The international accolades continued with Pranav Jha and Andrew Ivan from Bahrain, achieving Olympiad Rank 1 in the SilverZone Science and STEM Olympiads, respectively.

As Allen Overseas embarks on this new chapter, it remains dedicated to its mission of nurturing young minds and helping them unlock their full potential through a blend of innovative teaching methodologies and a conducive learning environment.

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