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Nearly a month after it launched, the Dream Island is offering a limited-time deal to incentivise participation. Now, users purchasing credit to play in any of the platform’s diverse and entertaining money-winning games can get up to 50 per cent extra for free. With game participation ranging from Dh10 to Dh50 – and a top potential prize of Dh10 million – players on the secure platform can enjoy more chances to win.

Additionally, users who place an order and share it with their friends can earn Dh5 in play credit, which stacks up to Dh25 for five newly registered users.

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Hulm – how to play

Hulm, Dream Island’s virtual scratch-and-win game, is named after the Arabic word for dream. Hulm players can select one of six themes – Lucky 7, Find the Fortune, Three Wishes and Golden Sand, 5 Wa Khamiss and 2 Win – then scratch (using a finger on the smartphone’s screen) the silver circles of their choice. If the numbers or pictures revealed match the winning ones determined by the game set, they win.

Each game has its own way to win, but players have the option to bid multiple times to increase their odds. Hulm doesn’t adhere to any schedule – it can be played 24/7.

Lucky Day – how to play

Dream Island’s biggest prize, Dh10 million, is up for grabs in the biweekly Lucky Day live draw. Players need to pick five numbers from 31 (each day of the month) as well as one of 12 (representing each month of the year).

After selecting your numbers, you can participate in the draw by paying Dh50. Depending on what combination of numbers you get right during the draw, prizes vary from Dh100 all the way to an equal share of the Dh10 million pot. If you’re the only lucky one to get every number right, all Dh10 million is yours.

Like Dream Island’s other games, Lucky Day also offers an AutoPick option for those unsure about what numbers they’d like to choose. The Lucky Day live draw can be watched live every second Friday at 8.30pm UAE time. The next one is January 29 – click here to pick up your ticket.

Dream 5 – how to play

The Dream 5 pick, match and win draw is another highly popular activity among Dream Islanders, thanks to both its customisation options and simplicity.

In nap mode, players can get to choose two, three, four, five, six, seven or eight numbers from a set of 11. If the numbers picked are included among the five winning ones selected in any order during the draw, which takes place automatically every ten minutes, the player wins.

On the other hand, the order of winning numbers is all-important should you choose to play prediction. Picking the first three numbers from 11 in the drawn series wins the game.

Finally, for group games, winners need to correctly call the first two or three numbers from the five selected to take home the prize.

For those feeling indecisive about what numbers to pick, every Dream 5 mode offers a QuickPick option, where the numbers will be chosen at random for you.

As with Hulm, Dream 5 players can opt to participate with their chosen numbers multiple times at once, to a limit of six.

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Recharge promo

As both a thank you to existing players and an incentive to get more to try out the platform for the first time,Dream Island is offering a limited-period bonus-credit promotion. For each recharge of Dh100, you’ll get Dh50 as extra credit for free. This applies all the way to Dh5,000, for which you’ll receive an additional Dh2,500 in bonus credit.

Here are the bonus bands:

Dh100 to Dh199 recharged gives Dh50 free credit

Dh200 to Dh299 gives Dh100 free credit

Dh300 to Dh399 gives Dh150 free credit

A platform that cares about users

“The best moments in our job are when users share their joy with us when they win and thank the Dream Island for its efforts,” says Dream Island marketing manager Nour. “That is exactly what makes our team more determined to expand and create more games for them.”

While the team names the platform’s security as its top priority – in terms of both user funds and data privacy – it’s proud to say Dream Island has the highest hit rate among its competition, and that more money-winning games are on the way.

“Dream Island users are very positive and friendly, and, most importantly, feel valued on our platform,” adds Nour. “One user was excited to discover the right strategy for winning Hulm and was interacting with and advising other users on a Dream Island chat group. We find these interactions very positive.”