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We all need something to look forward to after a challenging 2020, and it was with this in mind that Dream Island was born. This advanced, secure platform offers participants the chance to win real csh prizes through playing a selection of online lottery games.

With every game or attempt setting you back Dh10 to Dh50, the rules and prizes on the platform vary, as are the prize amounts, the biggest of which reaches Dh10 million.

Dream Island is home to a number of products offering a variety of game sets. What sets it apart is the array of activities, which not only offer the opportunity to win big but are actually fun in of themselves. And unlike rival platforms, Dream Island delivers winners their prizes super fast.

Prize amounts are fully funded by gaming ticket sales on the platform, which went live on New Year’s Day. The 50-strong Dream Island team expects higher traffic and a broader range of money-related games dropping in 2021.

“People needed a fresh start after the coronavirus crises,” a Dream Island spokesperson tells Gulf News REACH. “Our vision was to help them rebuild their lives and dream about a better future – particularly if their financial situation was adversely affected in 2020.

“It’s also fun to play – we’re integrating excitement with money-related prizes.”

Lucky Day: How does it work?

Participants can buy tickets for a Lucky Day round any time from around 10.00pm UAE time on Friday to 7pm the following two Fridays, after which sales are suspended for three hours.

The prize drawing takes place from 8.30pm UAE time on Fridays and can be viewed live on Dream Island’s website or YouTube channel. Sales of new tickets are suspended while the draw is taking place.

Dream Island will be in touch with grand and second-place winners by phone for the big Lucky Day lottery, which takes place every two weeks, while other winners will have their prizes transferred to their Dream Island account within three hours of the draw.

All information about winning numbers will be made public on the Dream Island results page, as well as the platform’s official YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Hulm and Dream 5: no ordinary draws

Another game set is Hulm – the Arabic word for dream – which is an online scratch-and-win game under four themed image sets: Lucky 7, Find the Fortune, Three Wishes and Golden Sand.

Simply swipe your smartphone’s screen on the areas you think might be lucky – if the numbers or images you reveal are the same as the winning ones determined by each theme, you’re a winner. The themes are particularly relevant to both Western and Arabian symbols of luck and fortune, with magic lamps, genies, three wishes and – of course – the number 7 all bearing good providence.

Lucky 7 participation is Dh50 per ticket; Find the Fortune is Dh20; and both Three Wishes and Golden Sand are Dh10.

Meanwhile, the Dream 5 “pick, match and win” draw lets you pick between two and eight numbers from a set of 11. If you match five of these you win. Three optional number-picking systems – Nap, Prediction and Group – allow users to tweak the potential prize amounts and odds. There are currently eight formats available, with four more on the way.

Hulm takes place 24/7 and Dream 5 is drawn every ten minutes – a unique proposition in the UAE.

A platform backed by research

“You have to try it to believe it,” says the Dream Island team, whose CRM division conducted surveys of residents across Abu Dhabi prior to launch. “Dream Island’s target is to become a platform of opportunities and entertainment for everyone in the country.

“What the CRM team found was that people are open to trying their luck and look forward to affordable and publicly accessible chances to have fun and win.”

Dream Island believes it has the best lottery-related games in the country. Click here to try it for yourself.