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American Hospital Dubai brings a cutting-edge immersive healthcare experience to visitors at Arab Health 2021 with human-enabled technology offering unforgettable glimpses into the future. Arab Health is the largest exhibition for healthcare in the MENA region.

American Hospital Dubai, the leading healthcare provider in the UAE and the region, brings its renowned dynamism to create an unforgettable inclusive experience for visitors. Called Shape of the Future, the touch-enabled platform created by The Hanging House provides an extraordinary 360-degree view of health through a visual connection between clinical and technological excellence. Six touchpoints, each activated by human interaction, will take visitors on an exhilarating, educational journey. The touchpoints include interactive LED strips that react to human proximity with automated rotoscope activation showcasing AI-supported patient journey at American Hospital Dubai, viewing step-by-step robot-assisted surgeries and more.

Shape of the Future’s touchpoints are:

• Human-enabled technology that leads to a reactive journey

• A close observational experience of robot-assisted surgery

• Awareness on American Hospital Dubai’s patient-first principle supported by AI

• Insider access to clinical decisions of Cerner EMR

• Learning how an intelligent clinical forecast process works with AI dashboard

• Up close tour of American Hospital Dubai through an interactive projection wall

Aside from its interactive features, Shape of the Future is a tangible example of how humans can awaken technology. What’s usually not physically visible is now observable. Visitors will experience each touchpoint independently, requiring no guidance or interaction with American Hospital Dubai staff. This advantage transforms each visitor into an enabler of technology.

When American Hospital Dubai approached The Hanging House to translate its vision into an interactive and immersive platform for visitors at Arab Health 2021, the goal was clear — to depict the synergy between the hospital’s medical excellence and technological advancement in a simple but compelling way to make every visitor want to engage with it.

The Hanging House set American Hospital Dubai’s vision into motion within 96 hours. The artistic concept was larger than life due to the hospital’s passion for the experimental and its trust in the design experts.

As a leader in medical care, American Hospital Dubai’s centres of excellence in a range of disease fields such as cardiology, diabetes, cancer, and orthopedics have been paving the way for enhanced healthcare solutions. The hospital is also a robotic surgery role model in the UAE and the region and the first medical facility in the UAE to use the fourth-generation da Vinci Xi Robotic System. American Hospital Dubai also deploys the ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) Knee System to perform state-of-the-art knee replacement surgeries in its Orthopedic Department, home to the region’s best-in-domain services.

American Hospital Dubai’s wealth of information on the integrated approach to healthcare triggered the idea of fusing the principles of medical excellence with the power of innovative technology to create a design-led experience for visitors to Arab Health 2021.

“Visitors to Arab Health 2021 will witness an unforgettably immersive healthcare experience with Shape of the Future platform," says Samah Aziz, Group Marketing Director at American Hospital Dubai. "We are delighted to have partnered with The Hanging House, which translated our vision to deliver a milestone concept. American Hospital Dubai’s 25 years of path-defining progress, its patient-centric values and investment in advanced technology are committed to improving healthcare outcomes for the greater good. Our participation in Arab Health 2021 is a demonstration of that objective.”

Visitors to Arab Health 2021 will witness an unforgettably immersive healthcare experience with Shape of the Future platform.

- Samah Aziz, Group Marketing Director at American Hospital Dubai

Speaking on the collaboration with American Hospital Dubai, Anam Ahmad, Chief Ideation Officer at The Hanging House, says, “We aim to ensure that visitors fully engage with, and understand, the fast-evolving healthcare landscape with the help of American Hospital Dubai. We blended our intuition with technology to create relatable, impactful experiences, and we plan to transform the way people experience healthcare.”

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