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American Hospital Dubai’s Center of Excellence in robotic surgery crosses another milestone in complex minimally invasive surgeries with a successful partial nephrectomy. The procedure removes potentially cancerous kidney tumours while ensuring the surrounding healthy kidney tissue remains intact thus maintain the kidney function.

Dr Muhammad Elmussareh, a UK-board certified consultant urologist with extensive experience in robotic renal surgeries, conducted the complex procedure using the most advanced 4th generation Da Vinci Xi Robotic System. American Hospital Dubai, the leader in robotic surgeries, was the first medical facility in the UAE to employ this technology and has conducted more than 1,000 robotic surgeries.

“The patient was found to have traces of blood in his urine, which could sometimes be a sign of urinary system cancer,” explains Dr Elmussareh. “He underwent a CT scan, which revealed an abnormal-looking complex cyst in his upper part of his left kidney. After extensive discussions with him and his wife exploring different management options, he opted to proceed with a robotic partial nephrectomy.

“We performed the surgery, successfully removing the cyst while preserving the healthy kidney tissue, and the patient has completely recovered without any complications.”

Robotic partial nephrectomy is the first line of treatment and the gold standard for localised kidney tumours, cancers, and abnormal-looking kidney cysts (complex cysts). Robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery and has numerous advantages including quicker recovery and return to normal activities, less pain, shorter hospital stay, better cosmetic results/less scarring and fewer wound-related problems such as infections or hernias. “It also allows for the precise and accurate removal of the whole tumour, which is then sent to be analysed in our pathology lab for appropriate and full assessment,” adds Dr Elmussareh. “For patients with larger kidney tumours, partial nephrectomy may not always be feasible; therefore, a radical (complete) nephrectomy may be required. This can also be done robotically ensuring a much quicker recovery than traditional surgery.”

In the battle against life-threatening conditions, American Hospital Dubai offers advanced treatments, state-of-the-art technology, highly trained experts, and a team of caring and compassionate professionals. It performs a majority of kidney surgeries among other surgeries robotically and provides robust healthcare, from prevention and detection to diagnosis and the latest treatments for patients in and across UAE.

American Hospital is the first medical facility in Dubai to offer the fourth generation of da Vinci Xi surgical system to conduct robotic surgery services, solidifying the emirate’s position on a regional scale as a hub for medical tourism for patients seeking world-class professional care. The first facility to execute robotic surgery in Dubai, American Hospital cements its position as a pioneer of digital transformation.