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Situated in the heart of Old Dubai, Al Ghurair Centre was the first modern shopping mall in the Middle East, which set the standard for retail in a short span of time. From a health café, a martial arts club, a vast array of restaurants dishing up diverse and delicious cuisines to unique retail brands, it has everything you need.

Having transformed lifestyle retail into art, Al Ghurair Centre continues to innovate with an incredible dining, shopping and entertainment experience for its community. So, what is piquing the interest of shoppers and diners today? From new stores and restaurants such as Bloomsbury, Brands4U, Abu El Araby Seafood, Monkey Pizza, Maalem Shawarma, Senseis Martial Arts, OneZone, Retold, and Mizale, to exciting prizes to be won, it takes your experience to another level.

Win exciting prizes

The Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge is back. The 30-day fitness challenge by Swissotel Al Ghurair, What’s Your Watt is presenting a chance to win exciting prizes daily until November 27.

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Beat the day's watt score to win shopping mall vouchers worth Dh500 and a day-pass at the Swissotel pool and gym. Complete the 30-day challenge and win an annual membership for the Swissotel gym amongst many other great prizes. Additionally, the centre will host a series of games on November 12th, where registered participants will compete against each other to win up to Dh6,000 mall gift cards and other exciting prizes.

Indulge in retail and food therapy

Splash out at the centre’s exciting new line-up of new brands, cafes and restaurants. And there are many.

Bloomsbury’s: Café with a difference

The UAE’s very own home-grown boutique café and artisan bakery brand has enjoyed popularity for over a decade now. Bloomsbury’s fits seamlessly into the nation’s vibrant food culture. Its avant-garde concept inspired by London cafés complements its unique offerings with health, sugar-free and keto options catering to an increasing mix of health, calorie-conscious and vegan diners.

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“The gourmet fare at Bloomsbury’s is handcrafted with fresh and quality ingredients,” says Sajan Alex, Vice-President, Tablez Food Company. “The menu is a commixture of artisan bakery and hot food ranging from all-day breakfast, soups and salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and burgers as well as homemade pastries, desserts, cupcakes, cakes, cookies and tarts.”

Brands4U: Deals you can’t miss

For sheer variety, the Brands4U store at Al Ghurair Centre is hard to beat. “Typically, people at Brands4u gear more towards the purchase of fragrances and footwear, as we have the largest collection of variety of both,” says Vijay Samyani, Founder and Chairman of Concept Brands Group. “Brands4u is as a one-stop outlet shopping destination for all.”

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As winter sets in, so do seasonal shopping deals and new arrivals at Brands4u, with some leading winter products going at outlet prices. Don’t miss the deals on ladies’ shoes and be sure to check out the new collections for sunglasses and watches, which are waiting to be worn.

Abu El Araby: Flavours from Port Said

Explore the cuisine of Egypt, including seafood from the heritage Mediterranean city of Port Said, right here in Dubai, at Abu El Araby at the Al Ghurair Centre, the popular eatery’s third branch in the UAE.

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“We have our own special dishes that give you the taste and flavour of seafood from Port Said,” says Ossama Hassouna, General Manager, Abu El Araby Restaurants. The most popular are El Oudwan Eltholathy Jajin, Mebakbaka, Abou El Araby Seafood Bucket, Harb 56, and El Shaheed Sbou Elaraby. “You will never find the same taste and quality at any other restaurant,” he adds. “The different atmosphere, the wonderful service with our traditional music and the amazing fire show all add to the appeal.”

Maalem Shawarma: Master of Arab street food

Look no further than Maalem Shawarma for some of Dubai’s tastiest shawarmas. “We make sure customers always have a unique dining experience,” says Saif Al Mansoori, Founder and CEO, Maalem Shawarma. “Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, we serve the best of Arabian cuisine.”

“Maalem means master, and the dishes are a masterclass in the art of the shawarma, especially the signature shawarma burger. From Lebanese to Syrian and Greek shawarmas, Maalem Shawarma rolls them out with flair,” says Al Mansoori.

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Monkey Pizza: Sure to drive customers wild

Not your average Dubai pizzeria, Monkey Pizza defines modern pizza making. A high burning oven, and handpicked ruby red tomatoes are used to make an authentic tomato sauce, which contribute to Monkey Pizza’s delicious crust pizzas that are simply moreish.

What’s the best seller, you ask? Saif Al Mansoori, Founder and CEO cites customer feedback: “Definitely, the All American Pizza and Monkey Fever Pizza.”

Senseis Martial Arts Club: Get fighting fit

If you don’t know your aikido from your Muay Thai, the Senseis Martial Arts Club could be just the place for you.

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“An institution in the UAE since 1979, it is the first club to teach authentic martial arts forms such as kobudo and traditional Okinawan karate, offering separate classes for adults and kids,” says V.A.M Iqbal, Chief Instructor, Senseis Martial Arts.

ONE ZONE: Grab products to suit your taste

A prominent and renowned retail chain in the UAE, ONE ZONE is a one-stop-shop for passionate shoppers at pocket-friendly prices. Sayid Jawad, the Operations Manager, says, “We customise products as per the demands of the season. However, kitchen products, health and beauty items, digital products, fashion wear and toys are bestselling items all year round.”

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Thanks to the multicultural setting it is in, Al Ghurair Centre provides the perfect location for Onezone. “The target customer base of the mall and our brand is no different,” says Sayid Jawad.

Retold: Giving clothes a second chance

In a world of sustainable lifestyles, buying single-use clothes is no longer an option. Thrift shopping is back in the mainstream, and Retold a popular hangout for the like-minded here in the UAE has the right mix of high-end and high-street items.

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From Zara to Diane Von Furstenberg, all brands available at the store at Al Ghurair Centre are reasonably priced. Jelena Dancetovic, Manager, Retold, says, “Through buying pre-owned, our fashion consumers are diverting textile waste from landfills, but more importantly they are reducing their demand on fast and throw-away fashion, which helps promote a circular economy. We are giving clothes a second chance.”

Mizale: Shoes sure to fit you

When it comes to investing in great footwear, it pays to know the store. New Estonian brand, Mizale offers stylish looks that will comfort your feet and wallet alike.

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Mizale footwear is produced in small, curated batches, making every purchase unique. Designed in Estonia, the brand’s products are made by the best shoe manufacturers in Spain and come in high-quality natural leather - full leather, patent leather or suede.

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