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Fancy a game of billiards before you hit the shoe department? Motivated to shed some inches at the gym after trying on that amazing pair of jeans? Or tempted to grab a bite of your favourite meal before you catch the latest horror film?

One-stop shopping has taken on new meaning at Al Ghurair Centre – now you can blend retail shopping with full-blown entertainment. There's no denying the shopping experience has truly transformed at Middle East’s first shopping mall.

“Over the past 40 years, Al Ghurair Centre has been interacting with customers by providing a place where they can shop, dine and be entertained,” says Ronald Coakley, Vice President, Al Ghurair Centre. “We've been listening to our audience and have a better understanding of what our customers want, which helps us bring in the right brands on board as well as rethink the role these brands can play to drive visitors to the mall.”

After a sensational shopping session, who wouldn’t like a great spot to dine? Al Ghurair Centre has embraced innovative ways of entertaining customers with a thrilling dining experience. “We recognise the importance of bringing in a variety of cuisines, and the centre has always accommodated this,” explains Coakley. “Recently added restaurants such as Maru Udon, Farsi Restaurant, Sweet & Light Café and Quecha as well as those set to open such as Abu El Araby Seafood, Monkey Pizza, and Maalem Shawarma, Romantic Baka, Mazajo and Bloomsbury will enhance the dining experience.”

It’s also most likely we’ll hang around and shop once we eat, right? The centre’s also made in-store shopping worthwhile for its customers by introducing amazing brands such as Forever 21, OVS, 64 Square, Duozoulu, Marco Loro, AS Electronics, Smart Vapes, Supercare Pharmacy, Zproyecto adding on the brands that are at the Centre such as Centrepoint, Marks & Spencer, Max, R&B, Brand Bazaar, Sun and Sand Sports, Emax, CCC, LC Waikiki, and many more. Besides, Senseis Martial Arts and One Zone International will be opening soon.

“You can always expect excellent discounts and promotions from your favourite stores at the Centre,” says Coakley. “There are year-round leisure activities as well as entertainment zones such Reel Cinema, Billiards Game Zone, and Kids Amusement Arcade, which feed on the requirements of consumers.”

There’s a palpable joy people get when shopping at stores, so here’s a glimpse at what you can expect in some stores at Al Ghurair Centre.

Find something new

Brand for Less (BFL) is a fashion and home-goods store you can spend hours in. From clothes to accessories and household, this store stocks everything you thought you needed for yourself and your home (and plenty of things you didn’t).

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Al Ghurair Centre houses one of the largest BFL stores. “We have opened a new store in Al Ghurair Centre, which is a strategic location that caters to the choices of various types of consumers,” says Toufic Kreidieh, Co-founder and CEO of BFL Group. “We continue to expand the business and explore new and exciting ways to offer to our customers whether in-store or online.

“We have observed that since the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers have become more aware of their preferences and invest only in products that really matter to them. We constantly work on our strategies to align with customers’ priorities to ensure they continue to find unique offers and branded pieces that meet their budget. Our treasure hunt concept has been an effective approach ever since and they always find something new in every store visit."

If you’re looking for a wide array of quality brands of wearables to make your summer as comfortable as possible – whether indoors or outdoors, then BFL is the place to be!

Forever fashionable

If you like having fun with your style, then Forever 21 should be on your radar. Come for the cheery aesthetic; stay for the reasonable price point.

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The Los Angeles-based fast fashion brand is excited to bring its stylish fare to Al Ghurair Centre. “Forever 21 has been able to offer a wide range of fashion merchandise to the entire regional audience in Al Ghurair Centre, right from price sensitive customers to high fashion savvy audience,” says Punit Dhanwant Mehta, General Manager, Forever 21.

“Our target audience is the community in and around Al Ghurair Centre, predominantly fashion sensitive girls/women. We also look forward to welcoming tourists, the moment tourism opens up completely.”

The brand carries a huge range of fashion merchandise including high fashion, active wear, lounge wear, and complete desk to dinner solutions. “We also offer a huge range of accessories like handbags, fedora hats, and sling bags,” says Mehta. “We have introduced a new range with vast number of options like face masks, under eye masks, bath bombs, and infusion bathing salts.”

Italian and affordable

If you want to emulate that effortlessly cool, Italian fashion approach without burning a hole into your bank account, then we suggest checking out OVS for some seriously good closet finds for women and children.

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“Al Ghurair Centre is an ideal location for us because it is situated in the heart of Deira and is a popular destination for shoppers,” says David Hall, Head of Marketing and Visual Merchandising, OVS in the region.

One of Italy’s leading apparel fashion brand, the store is dedicated to men, women and children’s clothing. Furthermore, the children's collections are available for all ages from newborn to 14 years old. “It’s a new store concept via contemporary, minimal space with clean-cut design and natural materials,” explains Hall.

Featuring pieces suitable for all occasions, the items are made from quality fabrics and materials that guarantee comfort, and importantly, durability within the kids wear offerings. OVS collections continue to provide a trend-led clothes to its clients.

Be there or be square

If you've yet to put 64 SQUARE on your list, now's a good time to do so. The store is a one-stop-shop for a massive selection of trend-driven footwear from international brands.

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“We chose Al Ghurair Centre to set up our store because it’s strategically located in the heart of Deira Dubai with huge population of residents and over 250++ hotels in about 20-km radius,” says Kumar Sagar, Managing Director, 64 SQUARE.

What many don’t know about 64 SQUARE is that it houses a perfect mix of fashion lifestyle and sports lifestyle shoe brands, along with a touch of some dress shoes. The store also keeps its inventory fresh and up to date. “We have a refill of the inventory twice a week and we also have fresh new arrivals every three months,” says Sagar.

So what are 64 SQUARE’s best-selling shoe designs? The strong selling brands are USPOLO, Lumberjack, Sketchers, Dockers, as well as many other brands such as Nike, Converse, Vans, Timberland, Palladium, and many more.

Sustainable shoes

If you're in the mood to shop for a new pair of kicks, but want to make a more thoughtful purchase, consider looking at sustainable shoe brand DUOZOULU. How the brand defines sustainability? Well, it has established a recyclable process technology and advocates the use of its own technology to develop environmentally friendly and new materials to further reduce the ecological burden on the earth.

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“As you know Al Ghurair Centre is one of the oldest shopping mall in Gulf region and it is a well-known mall particularly in old town Dubai, which is why we decide to run a pop-up store over there,” says Paul W.J. Duan, General Manager, DUOZOULU.

What makes its shoes special is that DUOZOULU serves most people in the world with a new lifestyle of sustainable practices and an ultimate comfortable walking experience. “DUOZOULU advocates the light-sport concept of “just walk” focusing on ultra- light, wear-resistant, and high elastic cushioning material,” says Duan. “It is designed to give people the ultimate comfortable walking experience.”

Your family’s health matters

If you put your family’s health above everything else, Supercare Pharmacy will be the perfect health destination for you and your loved ones. It’s one of the leading pharmacies in the healthcare and lifestyle space with a pan UAE presence and over 40 years of experience.

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“Supercare Pharmacy and Al Ghurair Centre share a heritage and it was an opportunity for us to provide service to our customers settled in areas near the mall such as Deira and Rigga,” says Shivam Kataria, VP – Healthcare, Supercare Pharmacy.

What does Supercare Pharmacy do differently compared to other players? It offers a combination of premium and international brands such as New Chapter and BlueBonnet. The exceptional experience and high quality put the pharmacy in a category of its own.

“Customer satisfaction is our priority,” says Kataria. “We endeavor to provide a wide range of products to our customers and try to be their preferred wellness destination.”

A typical customer at Supercare Pharmacy is the one who prefers organic, natural, trusted products, and is health-conscious. “Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and we cater to a diverse consumer base across the UAE,” says Kataria. “Our products and services are designed and targeted to meet the needs of different nationalities.”

If you’re looking for a one-stop shopping destination, which offers convenience and value along with a full suite of retail and entertainment experiences, head to Al Ghurair Centre.

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