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It’s every shopper’s dream – a place that offers everything you need under one roof. Imagine not having to run to one end of the town to get quality fish and meat and then to the other to buy garden-fresh fruits and vegetables before making a stop at the hypermarket to stock up on staples and spices.

The Waterfront Market in Deira, a stone’s throw from the city centre, offers all these and more. In a time when it is prudent to keep outings to a minimum to protect yourself against Covid-19, it’s just what you need.

Opened two and a half years ago and carrying the legacy of the popular Fish Market established in 1958, the Waterfront Market expanded in scale and scope to include other essential services. Spread over 120,000 square metres, the new development with world-class facilities guarantees the same freshness and quality in all its offering. Here’s a look at how this one-stop shopping destination sets itself apart.

1. Go fish

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Get the best seafood from 500-odd retailers who deal in fresh, dried and live fish at the region’s largest fish and seafood market. With more than 350 varieties on offer from the region and around the world, you would be spoilt for choice. Even your supermarket and restaurants source their fish from this market at nightly auctions fishermen hold for their daily catch.

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Although it is the biggest marketplace for seafood, specialised cooling and ventilation systems make sure there is no foul smell. So, what are you waiting for? Shopping for fresh catch hasn’t been this easy, convenient or affordable.

2. Get meaty

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Whatever your choice, it’s available at the meat and poultry section at the Waterfront Market. From fresh lamb, beef and goat to chicken and camel, all the meat here is halal and comes in a variety of types and cuts. Even though the focus is on providing the highest quality meat sourced from local and regional vendors, imported meat is also on offer across 75 shops and stalls in the market.

No matter what you want and how you want it – mince, patties, cubes, sausages, kebabs or strips – it’s on hand. Quality and freshness are guaranteed through its state-of-the-art cooling systems while compliance with the market’s strict hygiene practices and standards ensures a clean and healthy environment.

3. Seven a day

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Want to follow the seven-a-day rule for fruit and vegetables but not sure how to get a wide variety on your plate? Head to the Waterfront Market’s fruit and vegetables section where fresh seasonal produce from all over the world is up for grabs. Pick and choose your local favourites but make sure to try out some of the exotic ones imported into the country. As many as 150 shops run by people of different nationalities serve up a great variety of produce – from the season’s best fruit and vegetables to fresh herbs, leaves and greens - to customers who are as diverse and multicultural as the vendors. Take in the sights and sample the produce on offer – try out the fresh juice stalls and see for yourself whether the wholesome produce appeals more to your eyes or your palate.

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4. Spice up your life

If you still don’t know where in the UAE you can find authentic spices that lend that special flavour to your food, then you haven’t yet explored the Waterfront Market’s dry goods and spices section. Reminiscent of a traditional souq in look and feel, this one is stocked up with every spice that a country with more than 200 nationalities would need. As you step in, your senses will be overtaken by the aroma, texture and colours of the best quality spices and dried herbs. Take your time and savour the experience. And if you decide to become a little daring, the 30-odd retailers who are well versed in the world of spices will be able to guide you in your explorations.

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It’s not just the spices that are a huge draw in this section. The dry goods market sees brisk business too, with retailers offering attractive deals on dry fruits and nuts such as pine nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Bulk buys such as rice, pulses and grains are also good value for money.

5. For those essential items

To add to the convenience, there is a LuLu hypermarket too. You don’t have to step out of the building and drive to another outlet to buy essential household items. Be it toilet rolls or cleaning accessories, you can replenish your stock without any difficulty in one go.

6. Unwind

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After all that shopping, you need to relax. Enjoy a good cup of coffee, a quick snack, or even a leisurely lunch or dinner at any of Waterfront Market’s 20 cafes and restaurants before you hit the road. Or now that your hunger pangs are taken care of, you can browse through the retail shops at the market and pick up something for yourself.

7. All-clear

As part of its efforts to ensure safety in the time of Covid-19, the Waterfront Market regularly conducts deep cleaning and sanitization. Customers and staff wear masks and practise physical distancing at all times to stay safe.

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The market has also installed thermal scanners at entrances to detect high body temperatures. In addition, common areas are disinfected at regular intervals to prevent transmission.

With all the precautionary measures in place, you can rest assure that the Waterfront Market is as safe as it gets.