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In the past 18 months we have witnessed dramatic workplace transformations through the deployment and advanced use of technology, distributed work models and corporate downsizing. Equally, the conversation of workforce upskilling and reskilling has been pervading the shifting economic landscape. With pent-up demand building across developing sectors, as the UAE’s job market continues to mature, talent upskilling remains in focus.

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) offers postgraduate programmes, delivered by a diverse international faculty, that continue to contribute to the nurture and development of a world-class workforce across the UAE.

“AURAK is offering these academic programmes to fulfil its mission to meet national and international needs, while contributing to the UAE’s national strategic initiatives,” says Prof. Stephen Wilhite, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success at AURAK.

AURAK is offering these academic programmes to fulfil its mission to meet national and international needs, while contributing to the UAE’s national strategic initiatives.

- Prof. Stephen Wilhite, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success at AURAK

“AURAK postgraduate programmes are flexible and delivered on weekends to meet the needs of working professionals without compromising their commitments to either their employers or families.”

And the good news is that if you can maintain a 3.25 CGPA for the duration of any of the postgraduate programmes offered at AURAK, you will receive a scholarship that covers 20 per cent of the fee, while AURAK alumni automatically receive a 25 per cent discount on all postgraduate offerings.

Now let’s take a closer look at seven of the innovative and in-demand postgraduate programmes at the university that fills a gap in the market.

Master in Infrastructure Engineering

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A one-of-its-kind offering in the UAE, AURAK’s Master in Infrastructure Engineering is designed to meet the growing social and economic demand for infrastructure engineering specialists across the UAE and wider GCC. Fashioned to address related social, environmental and sustainability frameworks within economic constraints, this specialist programme, delivered by a world-class faculty, will qualify engineers to introduce innovative, efficient and effective solutions in their fields. Delivered through an interactive, student-centred and research-led experience, this timely programme is found nowhere else in the UAE.

Master in Sustainable and Renewable Energy

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AURAK is the only university in the UAE to offer a Master in Sustainable and Renewable Energy. This programme, supported by the university’s RAK Research and Innovation Centre, is designed to train engineers to meet the rising demand for renewable energy solutions.

By providing you with balanced coverage of advanced technologies in this field, the programme will seamlessly bridge the strategic gap between technical aspects of renewable energy and policy drivers for sustainable development, while also addressing the social, economic and environmental issues involved with renewable energy systems.

In this way you will not only learn about technical and operational details but also the policy context, market mechanisms, and business models for renewable energy technologies and installations.

Master of Science in Engineering Project Management

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AURAK’s MSc in Engineering Project Management prepares project managers from diverse engineering disciplines to effectively manage complex projects in the UAE and the wider Gulf. This career-focused programme combines coursework with project work to prepare you for international project management and leadership positions. And by gaining an understanding of both the people-related and technical requirements necessary for the successful management of engineering projects, you will also touch upon the organisational and strategic aspects of engineering project management.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

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According to a leading UAE-based recruitment agency, an analytical mindset, commercial acumen and strong leadership qualities are among the key skills employers in the UAE value most in 2021. With AURAK’s EMBA you will not only learn how to be an effective business manager but a strong leader. And with a student-centric approach to learning, delivered by a strong faculty who have themselves worked collaboratively to produce high-quality applied research, this transformational learning experience is nothing short of a career-enhancing investment.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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A postgraduate education can increase your earning potential anywhere between 23 and 63 per cent, according to the Georgetown Centre on Education and the Workforce in the US. Through AURAK’s student-centred 36-credit MBA programme, you will be able to specialise in areas of finance or human resource management. This programme, alongside AURAK’s EMBA, promises extensive one-on-one engagement with faculty and quality networking with peers, to not only deliver an enhanced learning experience but one strongly rooted in collaboration.

Master of Education: Educational Leadership

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AURAK’s Master of Education is underpinned by a belief that educated, committed and well-prepared instructional staff and school leaders will help meet the diverse challenges that school systems face in the 21st Century. This programme is designed to prepare teachers and administrators to become effective educational leaders and practitioners within the context of the unique challenges that educators face in Ras Al Khaimah, the UAE and wider region. With 100 per cent of programme students currently engaged in real-world research, over 60 per cent of recent graduates have been published in academic journals, while nearly 70 per cent have qualified for promotions to senior leadership roles.

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