Twenty talabat water refill stations have been installed across key locations in Dubai in partnership with the Dubai Can sustainability initiative Image Credit: Supplied

The leading online food delivery and q-commerce platform, talabat UAE has launched several dedicated rider initiatives over the past few years to enhance their well-being. Today, there are more than 15,000 riders delivering for talabat across all seven Emirates, a growth that is matched with initiatives aimed at improving the riders’ experience.

1. talabat to double rider in-app tips this weekend

talabat is launching a rider appreciation campaign this weekend, from October 8 to October 9, in the UAE, where the company will be matching all customer in-app tips made to riders.

2. Updated rider tipping feature

The rider tipping feature has witnessed several updates to ensure that customers and riders have a seamless experience. The most recent update of the tipping feature provides riders real-time visibility on in-app customer tips, which are reflected in the Rider App Wallet on the same day. Riders receive 100 per cent of in-app tips left by the customers.

3. Summer cooling kits

For the second year in a row, and following positive feedback from riders, talabat has relaunched summer rider cooling kits comprising a cooling vest, a cooling towel and a thermal bottle to riders across the UAE.

4. Twenty-six air-conditioned summer rest buses

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This summer, talabat has stationed more than 26 talabat-branded, air-conditioned buses at several rider hotspots across the seven emirates, allowing riders to relax, rest and hydrate by having access to chilled water between orders and shifts. Since they were set up, from mid-May until mid-September, riders have visited them more than 90,000 times and given them a satisfaction rating of over 80 per cent.

Additionally, in collaboration with government entities, talabat launched rest areas in malls for riders, as well as set up shaded seating areas with mist fans outside talabat Marts and cloud kitchens in various emirates. It sends regular communication to restaurant partners to ensure that suitable waiting areas are provided for delivery riders.

5. Dubai Can founding partner with 20 talabat water refill stations

As regular hydration is essential, especially during the summer months, 20 talabat water refill stations have been installed across key locations in Dubai in partnership with the Dubai Can sustainability initiative, which offer easily accessible free chilled water to all delivery riders in Dubai, as well as the community.

6. Hero Experience Centres

Launched in 2021 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, the dedicated Hero Experience Centers offer properly equipped lounges for riders to rest in between orders. They can also get help from co-ordinators there to address work-related needs and attend trainings and rider engagement activities.

7. Fostering a road safety culture 

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With a growing fleet of riders, talabat has undertaken several initiatives to ensure their safety. More than 130 training sessions with regulatory authorities have been held in 2022 alone to raise awareness about the importance of rules and regulations and foster a safety culture among riders to ensure their wellbeing and the communities they operate in.

talabat also launched its first Road Safety Week earlier this year, a week aimed at motivating riders to drive safely and rewarding those who adhere to road safety rules. This comes as part of the company’s efforts to ramp up its road safety strategy.

8. talabat Patrollers

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A collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police and the Integrated Transport Centre, talabat launched a special unit of around 20 safety officers in 2021 called talabat patrollers, which still continue to ensure that riders across the UAE adhere to safety protocol and receive on-ground assistance.

9. Dedicated rider communication channels

Riders are provided with several channels to contact talabat directly and share any concerns or feedback to encourage two-way communication. Riders are able to raise tickets for any issues they face on the job through the rider app. They can also contact a rider supervisor, a talabat Patroller or visit one of talabat’s fully equipped Hero Experience Centres. Additionally, talabat runs regular rider satisfaction surveys and focus groups to provide riders with an opportunity to share their feedback.

10. Regular rider engagement activities

talabat holds various engagement and team building activities to connect with riders and show them appreciation, from team iftar dinners and Eid celebrations to movie nights and a day at the waterpark. Additionally, three rider wishes were granted earlier this year, which included covering school tuition for riders’ children. The riders’ submissions were randomly selected.

Additionally, talabat rewards riders for their good deeds and for supporting the communities.

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