GaNPrime chargers are also more efficient than traditional chargers spending less energy as heat so they don’t need to be bulky in design and can be smaller and lighter

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us often find our phones constantly running out of charge or being troubled with slow charging speeds. If you are looking for a way to help solve these issues, consider purchasing a GaNPrime charger.

GaNPrime chargers use Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology and are among the newest types of chargers in the market. They offer several benefits over traditional chargers including being smaller, more energy-efficient, and faster at charging than traditional chargers.

GaNPrime chargers are also more efficient than traditional chargers spending less energy as heat so they don’t need to be bulky in design and can be smaller and lighter, which is useful for users always on the go. Moreover, with increased power efficiency, consumers can save on average more than 7 per cent in energy consumption compared to legacy silicon chargers.

Here are some detailed reasons why GaNPrime chargers are better than ordinary chargers:

Faster and more efficient charging

The fact that GaN chargers are faster and more effective is one of their main advantages. They can charge gadgets up to three times more quickly than standard chargers. Additionally, they use less energy since they are more efficient.

Smaller and compact design

GaN chargers will be your favourite if you dislike bulky chargers. They are more compact and smaller than conventional chargers because they are made with a more effective semiconductor material. They also take up less space on your desk or nightstand.

Safer charging

GaN chargers also have the advantage of being safer and cooler to use. Standard chargers can become dangerously hot when in use. However, GaN chargers maintain their coolness even when rapidly charging gadgets. Additionally, they are built with safety features that prevent devices from being overcharged.

While GaN chargers are still relatively new, Anker Charging has recently unveiled its newest range of GaNPrime Chargers in the UAE. Combining the latest in GaN technology with Anker’s own proprietary features, Anker’s range of GaNPrime chargers allow for a safer, faster and more sustainable charging experience.

The Anker Nano II 65W charger Image Credit:

The Anker Nano II 65W is the brand’s most compact GaNPrime chargers featuring a USB-C power delivery port that can deliver up to 65W of power to your laptops, tablets, and phones. Moreover, the charger also has the added benefit of not blocking any other outlets when it is plugged in.

The Anker 736 Nano II 100W charger Image Credit:

While being bigger in size, the Anker 736 Charger Nano II 100W is better suited for users with more diverse charging needs. The Anker 736 is a compact, fast, and versatile wall charger that can simultaneously power multiple gadgets.

Featuring two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, the device compatibility of the charger is excellent, ranging from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to smaller gadgets like portable battery packs and Bluetooth headphones, among many others. Moreover, its intelligent power distribution system ensures it provides stable, high-speed charging to a laptop and phone at the same time without overheating.

For users looking to future-proof their charging set-up, we definitely recommend getting an Anker GaNPrime charger. It is compatible with the latest devices and comes with a variety of innovative features that make it the ultimate charging solution.