An iconic phone deserves an iconic show. Motorola unveiled the iconic new Razr with a dazzling one of its kind drone show in Dubai. Video Credit: Supplied

The new Motorola Razr, an evolution of the original flippable cell phone that defined a generation, has now officially arrived in the United Arab Emirates. The new Motorola Razr is the world’s first-ever clamshell-style flexible display smartphone that folds completely giving the consumers a totally unique mobile consumer experience.

Moto Razr 2
It's back people!

Speaking about the launch, Sharay Shams, General Manager MBG, at Lenovo said “Since the launch of smartphones, mobile design has remained unchanged. Year after year, software and hardware features have been upgraded, but form factor has seen only minor changes. The new Motorola Razr signifies a breakthrough in the mobile industry and disrupts status quo. It addresses a real consumer pain point – portability. It fuses the pocket-ready size of a flip phone without compromising the big screen experience of a modern smartphone”.

The new Motorola Razr brings style and craftsmanship to smartphones in a new way. Constructed utilizing premium stainless steel and 3D Gorilla Glass, the Razr is the perfect blend of amazing engineering and incredible design.

An engineering marvel

Moto Razr 6

Motorola architected an industry first, patent-protected zero-gap hinge that allows both sides of the customised polymer flexible display system to remain perfectly flush when closed and protects the display from debris and dust. Its re-engineered antennas to fit in a space twice as small as today’s smartphones; and coated the device to offer water resistance and splash-proof protection .

Flex View display

Moto Razr 5
Don't miss out on the full smartphone experience you are used to thanks to the Moto Flex View display Image Credit: Supplied

As smartphones get bigger and bigger, Razr’s going compact. When you need a more immersive experience, the 6.2-inch Flex View display with 21:9 aspect ratio offers the functionality you’re used to. When it’s time to go, simply flip razr shut and enjoy its sleek, portable design that makes it the perfect size to slip in your pocket.

Quick View display

Moto Razr 4
Depending on the use case scenario, you decide which one of your two displays you want to use Image Credit: Supplied

On the Razr’s external 2.7-inch interactive Quick View display, you can connect with important information on the go, without ever opening your phone. You can make calls, reply to messages, pay with a tap, control your music, take stunning selfies, use Google Assistant and access customized settings, like turning on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, your Hotspot and more. What’s better is you can seamlessly transition from the external experience to the internal full screen experience

Pricing & Availability

The new Motorola Razr is now available for pre-booking exclusively with Etisalat and du. The Razr is priced at Dh5999 (inclusive of VAT) and is available on attractive post-paid packages.The Razr will be available on shelf in the UAE by end February at Etisalat, du and select retail outlets.

Moto Razr 3
The Motorola Razr also comes with a unique box which doubles as a stand and boombox for your device Image Credit: Supplied

Enjoy a totally new and upgraded smartphone experience that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Motorola Razr is the smartphone that finally brings back that satisfying feeling of hanging up by folding your phone shut!