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Watching your smartphone’s battery percentage trickle away is no foreign concept in the always-connected world we live in. But when you have no way to recharge your phone quickly, it becomes a big problem. Of late, manufacturers have sought ways to charge your phone battery faster, and the Power Delivery (PD) Technology found on various Anker products seems to be the way of the future.

What is PD Technology?

USB PD offers a single charging standard that can be used with any USB C or lightning device. These could be your smartphone or tablet but may extend to other peripherals such as hard drives and monitors with USB C charging slot. It is a safe way to push both voltage and current, effectively boosting energy flow to your devices.

As with this charging standard, USB cables have also evolved over the years. USB PD is delivered through a Type-C USB cable, which has no up or down configuration. Furthermore, these cords are able to handle higher current and voltage compared to older USB cables, allowing for faster charging times.

A big goal of PD Technology is to reduce global e-waste. In the future, each gadget you own will not need its own specific charger. On the contrary, you will be able to use the same charger for all your devices. This will eliminate the need to get a new charger each time your upgrade or get a new device.

How does PD Technology work?

Prior to PD, most charging systems were only able to use 5V and 3A to produce a maximum power output of up to 15W. With PD, you can draw up to 20V and 5A creating a possible power level of up to 100W. Only Type-C USB to Lightning or Type-C USB to Type-C USB cables are capable of PD Technology and this is where Anker’s suite of products comes in handy.

Whether you need to charge your smartphone when driving using Anker’s PowerDrive car charger or amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy street using the Anker PowerCore+ Powerbank. Anker also offers home charging solutions such as its PowerPort Atom wall charger or its other PowerPort series of wall & desktop chargers. All of these products come equipped with PD Technology allowing you to take advantage of maximum power throughout.

PD Technology has also been designed to ensure optimal power flow. With this, the devices connected can communicate and determine the correct level of power the receiving device requires. Subsequently, this prevents overcharging, helping the longevity of the battery, and allows for the quickest transfer of power to the battery.

The right time for PD Technology

In the past, PD Technology may have seemed like a luxury feature. But as newer smartphones, computers and devices increasingly support it, purchasing an Anker charging product with PD technology will simplify the way you use your devices. Not only will you see increased charging speeds but you will also benefit from being able to use one charger for all your devices. As we evolve into a world where you will most likely have multiple PD capable devices, now would be a good time to prepare in advance.

Why Anker?

Anker is the global leader in charging technology. This includes options for wireless charging, car charging, wall charging as well as portable alternatives. With it pioneering PD technology to charge phones, tablets and laptops at unprecedented speeds, it is the go to choice for anybody. You can find Anker’s products at all major retailers including Virgin Megastore, Jumbo Electronics, Emax, Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket as well as online in the UAE.

Looking for PD technology products? Anker recommends:

1) PowerCore Metro Essential 20,000 PD Powerbank - One of the lightest 20,000 mAh portable chargers equipped with 2 ports. Available in Pink and Black.

Anker 20000mAh Battery
Who says a powerful battery-pack with large storage has to be big and bulky? Image Credit: Supplied

2) Anker PowerPort PD 1 for USB C to Lighting Cable - Charge your device faster with this wall charger

Anker Powerport PD
Forget about those slow chargers you get in the box with your gadgets! Its time for PD charging right from your wall Image Credit: Supplied

3) Anker PowerDrive PD+ 2 - Your perfect road companion with 2 ports so that you can charge your phone in your car

Anker Car
Get fast and reliable charging even while on the move Image Credit: Supplied

4) 24K Gold PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 ft) which comes in a gift box and includes a black travel pouch

Anker Powerline
Hate those short cables that get damaged easily? Get your hands on the Anker PowerLine+ III Image Credit: Supplied